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Eye of Cthulhu
So yes, i've updated the farm and made it 100% working. You will need some summoner accessories (Necromantic scroll and/or Tiki Armor to summon 3 minions), flower boots, golden bug net and a raven staff.

I'm going to explain how this farm works:

Capture 2015-07-10 20_04_58.png

So, you must switch the lever that's next to my player (you must be on the mud spot to close it) and get stuck in a corner. Once you're ready you will get bait/jungle grass seeds and goldfish, (which sells for 75 gold per 999). The Merchant (can be any npc, but it must buy/sell items) will buy your goldfish.
Since you are going to build it underground (if you build it at the surface, Goblin Invasions, solar eclipses and other things can happen, killing you). You will need 3 ravens (they can't pass through blocks) one in goldfish spawn box, other in the bait farm and one at the timers. Why? Well, (it's recommended to build it underground jungle) Tim can spawn, and blood moon can still affect goldfish (blood moon transform goldfish into corrupt/crimson goldfish), the ravens will kill the corrupted/crimson goldfish and Tim.



(Ignore the teleporter, it teleports to my house)
The birds will keep the goldfish spawning.
The 5 second timer will activate and deactivate a mud block, just in case a 2 blocks bush grows. (those can't be destroyed with the golden bug net)
The 1 second timer will spawn birds.

So, yes, this is my "ultimate" bait/money farm, making up to 20 platinum per 6 hours (by selling the goldfish) and a lot of bait!
This can be also used as an afk farm.

How? You must follow my instructions: (Sorry for spanish things, i'm not english :l )

1st.- Go to Control Panel:

2.- Go to Mouse

3.- Click on click block:

4.- Do this "VVV"

Once you click (and press for 2 seconds) autoclick will active, you will go to terraria and do that, then it will start to break the grass and collecting goldfish automatically!

Thanks for reading!

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