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Upgrades to Weapons


This may sound bland and boring, and it probably is, but hear me out on this.

I've enjoyed playing Terraria, but a while back I played a mod pack (with a map included) called the Story of Red Cloud. In that mod pack, there were weapons that you got close to the start that were mediocre at best, and were only designed for the early game. However, with the use of Dark Souls (a type of soul that was dropped by every enemy, but in different amounts depending on difficulty), those weapons were upgraded to be better, and capable of taking on the later stages of the game, until they were at the peak of their performance.

I enjoyed being able to harvest the Dark Souls and infuse a weapon with them to make something substantially better, and progressing further into the map, and I feel that this idea would not be too bad in Terraria. Now, I do admit, this idea does seem a bit tacky, and I will probably get hated for it, but I think, with some weapons being quite valuable in the early game, they could be given upgrades (not with Dark Souls) that means you could carry them into later stages in the game than their intended use. This could also allow some post-game weapons to be accessible earlier, but as a worse version which is upgraded to the full potential. I know there are already a few weapons that do this (Megashark, Terra Blade, Night's Edge), but certain weapons such as the Golden Shower (I wonder if anyone still remembers it) had good potential as a post-game weapon, and it still does, but it would take the place of something with a much higher damage output and greater potential. Also, the Crystal Storm was amazing in 1.1, but in 1.2, it appears to be glazed over, and I was less willing to go for it over more worthwhile items.

I also liked the fact that when you upgraded a weapon, a roman numeral at the end of the name went up to show it is better when you hold it and the name pops up above it, such as Fire Spirit I, all the way to Fire Spirit IV.

Also, more spell books. I like spell books. Couldn't get enough of them in 1.1.

Grand Paladin Tyrux

Duke Fishron
I'd love stuff like this. Honestly, in almost every game I play, there's some weaker item that I LOVE the appearance of so much more then the endgame epic gear, so more stuff like the Phasasaber and the Terra Blade.


I really really really want some OP Baby Slimes
Me like OP
(Not saying this is op, though: support the idea, maybe not the implementation)
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