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Changes since version V. 0.1
 - First Pre-Release;
 - Added Some Bug Fixes

Changes since version V. 0.2                                                                                                                                   
 - Changed The Icon
 - Tweaked Note Locations

  • Offline Support (Game does not have to be running to make music).
  • Ability To Save And Share Music Sheets (.tsb file format).
  • Play Guitar Notes From "In-App" By Right Clicking Note In "Sound Picker".
  • In App "Sound Picker" Auto Fills Your Current Row's Note For Faster Usability.
  • In App "Time Interval Picker" Auto Fills Your Current Row's Delay For Faster Usability.
  • Super Simple Table Controls For Ease Of Access.
This tool was designed to expand the user’s inner creativity and allow for extensive on-point note playing precision. Never before has a tool like this existed and now more than ever you can create some awesome solo's in-game with the new rain song guitar. This tool will allow the user to easily create music spread sheets with songs you create and the ability to save these sheets and work on them later or publish them to the world. With the all-in-one tool set this tool provides, you can quickly test your music from within the application and never have to have the hassle of firstly testing it in-game!

Please note, this is an early release and I'm only posting this as a few friends suggested it was cool enough to post. I know previous song players exist for earlier versions of the game but I was unaware of this when I created this project. This tool was designed to be fun for the use or creation of music; More pacifically the guitar. PS: Terraria's guitar notes are out of order but this application accounts for that!


Make Sure Terraria Is Set In Windowed Mode
Set Your GamesResolution To 1920x1080
Start Making Music By Entering An Value In Delay
After Select A Note From Note's DropDownMenu
Press The Listen From App Button To Test Your Music
Enjoy :)
This tool was created for the purpose of helping people with good intentions. Any abuse or results of the use of this tool is not my responsibility. By using this bot you agree to the terms.

This tool was created as (and is) freeware. If anyone is attempting to sell this bot do not apply. Please do not trust Sources outside of trusted websites ex.

Remember, This is a first edition, bugs may be present!
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UPDATE: v0.3

Changes since version V. 0.3                                                                                                                              
- Added Song Progress Bar
- Row Header Arrow Now Tracks Current Row Being Played
- General Bug Fixes



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