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Adventure Vagant Hero

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Official Terrarian
Capture 2019-08-27 21_18_06.png

Hello there Terrarians!
Im making a adventure map called Vagant Hero
Currently is WIP and cant be played, but there are some screenshots!
If you also want support, you can use the banner in you signature!

-> History <-
You are a traveller, one day you decided to go in your boat to explore the
lands beyond your home island, after various weeks in the seas something
strange happened and now you ship have been get into another
land. Now you need to help a little town to fix all they problems and try to go back to home.

-> Goals <-
Make 10 different areas to explore (Currently 6)
Do primary and secondary missions (In progress (still but better now))
Do 2 3 alternatives endings ;)

Playable beta of the map (nope, lets wait for the relase)

-> Screenshots <-
Capture 2019-08-27 21_19_26.png

Capture 2019-08-27 21_20_14.png

Capture 2019-08-27 21_20_53.png

-> Banner <-



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The areas look great. As for that slimey cavern, it seems like it will go off in multiple directions, so I'm looking forward to that quite a bit. Good luck with the map!
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