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Vampire's Bloodstone


ATTENTION: Before you say Nope to this idea 1. Read the suggestion 2. Think about it and 3. Be reasonable

Vampire's Bloodstone
"Bleh, Bleh!"
Provides Ranged Lifesteal based on your weapon
Dropped by Vampires with 1% Droprate

This accessory Provides lifesteal with a small twist, There's math involved!
The lifesteal it gives off is based on 3 things
  • 1. Your weapons damage
  • 2. Does it Autofire?
  • 3. It's Usetime
So onto the math!

Lets take the Megashark for example
The stone starts of with 50% lifesteal
First lets do damage the Megasharks Base damage is 23
so 50% - 23%

Now the stone has 27% lifesteal
Next is Autofire, the Megashark is Autofire
so 27% - 10% (No random numbers here just 10%)

Now the stone has 17% Lifesteal
Last but not least is Usetime
The megashark has a Usetime of 6
so 17% - 6%
The megasharks lifesteal is 11%

So now we have that number now what?
11% of 23 is 2.53 so rounding up is 3Hp per shot, Still op though because that means you get about 30Hp per second if every shot hits

Well if you Exceed 50Hp Every 5 seconds you get a Debuff called "Demise" which Prevents Lifesteal of any kind

Well my brain hurts now, so Tell me what you think,
and any constructive criticism to make this less OP is accepted


melee only got one item with lifesteal, mage is broken as :red: so lets ignore that terrible precedent. for balance's sake imo ranged would better work with a bow that turns anything shot through it into a "leacharrow" with life steal as its only special effect. otherwise you'd get the same problem with both guns *and* ammo that mage does where anything new has to be checked against this accessory to make sure it isn't game breaking ("yeah, the fast usetime high damage homing spell looks good...and then its a fast usetime homing spell that heals 20%, curse our adding healing to an armor" i imagine them saying to themselves)
although a cost of an accessory slot is pretty good compared to the "life stealing ammo" version that usually crops up so maybe it'd work too...should give some kind of debuff though
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This is excessively complicated, especially considering that we'll be forced to take every single ranged weapon into consideration while balancing this.

I'm of the opinion that ranged would be better off with a lifesteal weapon than a lifesteal accessory. Easier to balance, and easier to actually use.


brain hurts
And I had the weirdest of headaches just before I tried reading the suggestion. After finishing it, I can conclude that the OP is responsible. :dryadindifferent:

Like Baconfry said, if it involves more maths than your average math exam paper, that's probably just taking it over a long and complicated road for no reason.

Going with the VK route is simpler. One weapon = only one thing to balance = less tedium = less headaches = everyone happy. That's Freenight's guide to a happy vampiric life in Terraria.


Good Point, this was mostly because I thought the One weapon is a bit overdone.
Yeah, it's true, you would usually be doing the right thing by trying to introduce a variety of different lifesteal sources... but for simplicity's sake, we may have to reuse the VK format in this case.


Well, you don't have to copy VK's(and the common) lifesteal method completely. Maybe add some extra twists to it like SzGamer did. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything particularly creative in that area right now.


I... am completely not understanding how the lifesteal system works.

As I understand it: Any weapon with a damage higher than 50 can't be used with this, (40 if autofire), so that limits a large majority of the hardmode weapons, it punishes for a slower use time rather than a faster one (and weapons with a slow use time tend to have a higher damage, further limiting their use)... I think the lifesteal thing needs to be rethought out.

Or I misread something. One of the two.


Ice Queen
this is a great way to add balanced lifesteal. and as for everyone complaining it's too complex, maybe while it's equipped the current lifesteal could be shown in the weapon tooltip, and i actually didn't have much trouble understanding it, and i suck at math. and also, maybe different ammo used could affect lifesteal, so chlorophyte and ichor bullets would heal less than meteor shot, etc. good job!

oh, i made you a sprite. it's probably not very good, but you can use it if you like.


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It's funny, considering i was thinking it would be cool if there was an accessory that just gave 1-3% lifesteal (Probably just 2%) But yeah i agree with baconfry , this would be way to much work to put in at the current suggestion state.
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