PS4 Various Critical Bugs Since 1.4 Update (PS4 Local Split Screen)


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While playing split screen on PS4 over the past couple of weeks, my wife and I have been encountering several bugs:
*Including during several hours of gameplay today*

1. Lighting issues
When in the underground layer or lower, occasionally the lighting will bug out. Torches and other sources of light will suddenly get very dark, and sometimes they will cast no light at all temporarily.

2. Items going missing
Items go missing from our chests, especially when we transfer them into chests shortly before a (save and quit). When we load the map back up, our progress has been saved, but sometimes items are no longer in their chests. (We are 100% sure, this wasn't because they were on the ground or misplaced, we checked this carefully and observed it happening with specific items).

3. CE-34878-0 Crash / Blue screen flicker
At random intervals (sometimes not at all while we're playing, and sometimes many times an hour) the game will crash with that error code. It seems to be associated with nothing in particular taking place within the game. Of various games we play regularly on this console only Terreria is doing this, and only since the 1.4 update.

Also, the screen frequently flickers to a blue PS4 screen (as if it is about to crash with the CE-34878-0 code) but then it jumps back to the game and we can carry on playing.

4. NPC Housing Query and Re-assignment doesn't work (at all).
We have carefully looked through all threads we can find on this, and none of the common solutions work for us (including "switch back to world" and "horizontal NPC IU layout" etc.) Probably only about 5% of the time to any of these solutions actually work. Most of the time, the entire NPC housing interface does nothing at all.

Also, on the odd occasion that it does work (for no apparent reason), I (player 1) get stuck in the query interface and cannot return to the inventory no matter what I do. A save/quit and re-load is required to continue playing. Also, while stuck in the suddenly functioning query interface, my controls become strangely scrambled. For instance, joystick right and left for walking suddenly also shifts my inventory selection right and left at the same time (walking left = inventory left, walking right = inventory right)

5. Sometimes cannot access chests / open doors.
At random intervals, for no apparent reason that we can tell, I can no longer access chests or open doors with the "interact" button. I did confirm that the physical button on the controller was not the issue, because I was able to use it for other purposes within the game during the same time period. This problem resolves itself after a few minutes for no reason that we can tell. It just starts working again.

6. Wormhole potion does not work (at all)
Wormhole potions do nothing for us. There is no option for us to "change teams", so that isn't the issue. Clicking on our own characters heads don't work. Prior to the 1.4 update, they worked perfectly, but they seem not to work at all now.

We love Terreria because it's one of the very few great couch-coop games available on PS4, and we have lots of fun unwinding with it. Lately, however, it's been quite frustrating. . . and we're hoping that there are further patches on the way to make it playable and fun for us once again.

Thanks for your help in advance,
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During multiplayer(local) it seems the longer in game the harder to open anything player exclusive, safe/piggybank/voidbag/defender forge. I've only had an issue with 3 or more players though. Also since the last fix I have only had crashes when players( non host obviously lol) exit and reenter with different characters.
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