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tModLoader Various Weathers


I really like this mod, but having to reload the world every time I get the wind effect that moves your character as if you were in a sandstorm is really annoying. It's even worse when it starts while I'm fighting a boss because suddenly I can't move properly. That and the pumpkins growing everywhere are the only bad things about the mod.


Lunatic Cultist
As others have said numerous times, I love this mod *BUT* I wish there was a config to reduce the frequency (or remove) certain weather effects. I'd reduce the frequency of storms and wind but I'd remove the autumn event that makes pumpkins grow. I prefer vanilla's take on it: grow pumpkins naturally only at one time during the actual year. Being a builder, I like my world to look exactly as I want it, so having pumpkins growing all over the place is...no. It makes the world look ugly having pumpkins literally everywhere. That's why I currently have this mod disabled. I love it, but I just can't stand having pumpkins all over the place that I constantly have to pick up to "fix" my world.


suggestion: make the heat wave spawn desert enemies in the purity to match the cold front doing the same with snow enemies
I originally wrote a novel for this here post, and then decided it was going over the top. Here's the final version, redone shorter for simplicity's sake. XD (And yes, trust me, it was longer than this, lol. I'm very passionate about things.)

1) Love the mod in general. Great concept, lots of variety, tons of potential, kudos. Would be a must-have for me if it wasn't for the following.

2) Agreed with people talking about how pumpkins growing is WAY out of control with this mod. Even when I close the game 'in time' after noticing it's happening, I still have to pick up literal hundreds of them to clean things up a bit. It's funny - got TONS of pumpkin pies from it - but the lag and the littering it causes, along with having to log out and back in every time to keep things manageable really gets in the way.

3) The Mighty Winds debuff happens ridiculously too often and makes the game essentially unplayable, slowing everything to a crawl, making building, moving around and sorting chests unreasonably difficult and fighting bosses a suicide. It might be fun if it was a rare event, but it feels like 90% of all weathers cause it. Also, it affects me even inside my house, which would be hilarious if it wasn't so hindering. I love wind, but I feel like wind sufficiently strong to prevent a person from moving should be a very rare occurence barring a hurricane or a tornado.

I love this mod's concept and everything it brings to the table, but because of this latter effect, I'm going to have to disable it until it is, hopefully, corrected or some means is provided to configurate it. I know of the log off/log in 'fix', but as far as I'm concerned, the only thing that will do is shift the time I waste struggling against the wind to time I waste exitting and loading the game. I love variety and all, and I don't mind some added difficulty, but this is too much and gameplay suffers from it.

Again, I feel like this is a great mod with a wonderful potential. If it wasn't for those two issues, it would never come off my active modlist. Thanks for your hard work at making this, I still had a lot of fun experiencing everything else in it. I'll happily turn it back on if this gets fixed later at some point. Cheers and take care.


Was it for the windy days to hit players inside the house? I was being pushed by the wind while inside the house, it doesn't make much sense.

Terra B Welch

Empress of Light
Was it for the windy days to hit players inside the house? I was being pushed by the wind while inside the house, it doesn't make much sense.
I've noticed that too, it really shouldn't push players if they're indoors. Vanilla sandstorms respect walls, so should this mod's wind.
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