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tModLoader VeinMiner Mod - Mine ores faster!

Discussion in 'Released' started by NanobotZ, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. NanobotZ

    NanobotZ Terrarian

    Thank you for so many downloads!​

    Have you ever thought that mining ores takes too much time?
    Fear not, VeinMiner is a mod for you!

    What does VeinMiner do and how to use it?
    VeinMiner allows you to mine a whole ore vein by simply mining one ore tile while holding the VeinMine hotkey (default: ~).


    But what if I consider Dirt and/or other blocks as an ore too?
    To add more tiles as ores check if "Add tile to whitelist" and "Remove tile from whitelist" hotkeys are bound,
    aim at the tile you want to add/remove and press corresponding hotkey.

    But what if I want to VeinMine EVERYTHING?!
    Well, there's an option in the config!
    Go to Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs.
    There's a config file called VeinMiner (assuming you've launched the mod already).
    Simply edit the
    "OresOnly": true,
    "OresOnly": false,
    save the file, reload mods or restart the game and you're good to go!

    Is it compatible with other mods?
    It is, as long as the ore tile local (not displayed) name ends with "Ore" or "OreTile", or if it drops an item which local name ends with "Ore" or "Gem" or "Chunk".
    You can also add other (vanilla or modded) tiles to the ore whitelist.
    Look at the "But what if I consider Dirt and/or other blocks as an ore too?" section above.

    What blocks are considered as ores in vanilla?

    - VeinMiner doesn't work, even when I hold the ~ key.
    Make sure your key is properly bound in the Controls menu in-game:

    - Other mods are currently bound to the ~ key.
    Simply rebind the hotkey to another unused key.

    - I can't add tiles to whitelist on multiplayer.
    It's disabled by default, but there is a config line to change that.

    - Some ores don't get Veinmined.
    It is possible that the ore doesn't match the ore detecting filter.
    You can add it to the whitelist (look at sections above) and let me know, so I can add it to the online list.

    - Mod Browser
    - VeinMiner.tmod (latest version)
    - VeinMiner.tmod (, tML v0.9.2.3)

    If you know any mods and ores that are not on that list VeinMinerOres please let me know!
    "Mod_Name2,Ore_Name1,OreName2,...,OreNameLast," etc.
    There is no need to add ores from this list to the whitelist, as it's downloaded automatically each time you reload the mod!

    value: array
    default: a lot of numbers :)
    Defines which Tile IDs are considered as ores. Not useful for modded tiles.
    This might be helpful:

    "ModOreNames" (you shouldn't insert names manually)
    value: array
    default: [] (empty)
    Defines which modded Tile names are considered as ores. For modded tiles only!

    value: true/false
    default: true
    Defines if only ores can be mined by VeinMiner.

    value: number between 13 and 100000
    default: 1000
    Defines max amount of blocks per one Veinmine.

    value: number between 0 and 5000 (in miliseconds)
    default: 5
    Defines the max delay between blocks mined by Veinmine. Max one tile break per "VeinMiner task" per game's tick

    value: true/false
    default: false
    Defines whether the Veinmine hotkey behavior is inverted or not.

    value: true/false
    default: false
    Defines whether the Veinmine hotkey is used to toggle VeinMiner functionality or not.

    value: true/false
    default: true
    Defines if the the tile broken is in player mining range is checked.

    value: true/false
    default: false
    Defines whether players can add tile to a whitelist on a multiplayer server (only host has to change it, added/removed tiles will be saved in his config)

    - Fixed getting the online list incorrectly, which caused a lot of ores not to be VeinMine-able automatically.
    - Recompiled the mod for the newest tModLoader version (v0.10.1.4)
    - Fixed glitches happening on custom size generated (taller/wider/both) maps.
    - Recompiled the mod for the newest tModLoader version (v0.10.1.3)
    - Changed the host for a online ore list: VeinMinerOres
    - Fixed the crash when the online ore list can't be accessed and it was never saved as a file.
    - Added a new way of support for modded ores, ores are now checked with this list: VeinMinerOres (downloads automatically), if you know any mod which is not added here please let me know,
    - Modified a "filter" for which modded ores are detected as ores (tile local name ends with "Ore" or "OreTile")
    - Added a mod icon
    - Added a now config line to allow adding tiles to whitelist on multiplayer (disabled by default, only the host has to change that)
    - Rewritten the VeinMining implementation, it's not using threads now, VeinMiner should be more compatible with other mods,
    - Optimized performance
    - Optimized memory usage
    - Config option "DelayBetweenMiningBlocks" is working differently now. Currently only one tile can be mined per game's tick. This config line is now only useful to slow down the VeinMiner.
    - The "Index was outside the bounds of the array." crash SHOULD now be resolved or at least should show some dubug info.
    - Added new config line called "ToggleVeinmineHotkey" (ignores InvertVeinmineHotkey), if set to true pressing the VeinMine hotkey toggles the ability to use VeinMiner.

    - Added some proper Multiplayer support:
    * Veinmining is now handled by server, not by players, so players having other configs will not have the possibility to Veinmine tiles they shouldn't have been able to.
    * "Add/Remove tile from whitelist" hotkeys won't work on servers, the only way to add new tiles to the config is to manually edit the config file OR have the server owner switch to single player, add/remove wanted tiles and reload server.
    **Activating Veinminer by other players holding the hotkey, but when you are mining, unfortunately still might happen.

    - Some minor code changes.
    - Fixed tile whitelist not loading or saving properly
    - Added new keybind called "Add tile to whitelist", simply aim at the tile you want to add and press it
    - Added new keybind called "Remove tile from whitelist", simply aim at the tile you want to remove and press it
    - Added the possibility to add/remove tiles to/from whitelist in-game (with the keybinds above)
    - Added new config line called "ModOreNames"
    - Added new config line called "PerformDistanceCheck"
    - Added distance check when starting to VeinMine, so players have lesser probability to trigger VeinMine for each other (also can't mine with explosives without taking the risk of exploding yourself)
    - Added a "Invert Veinmine Hotkey" config line, which allows the player to VeinMine when NOT holding the Veinmine hotkey (disables Veinmining when holding the hotkey)
    - VeinMiner should be less impactful on performance
    - Desert Fossil is now considered as ore
    - Added a new config option named "OreTypes", it allows you to edit which tile IDs are considered as ores
    - MaxAmountOfBlocks config line should now be respected correctly
    - VeinMiner should be much less impactful on performance
    - Added support for Smart Cursor
    - Fixed VeinMiner randomly stopping working again
    - Added all gems (Amethyst, Diamond etc.) as ores
    - Added slush, silt and fossil as ores
    - Added a new config option named "DelayBetweenMiningBlocks" (amount of time between each block break in milliseconds)
    - Added a config file
    - Added a possibility to VeinMine not only ores
    - Fixed VeinMining going really slow with bigger veins

    Known bugs:
    - It is possible to trigger VeinMine with explosions (even by mobs like a Clown) as long as VeinMine hotkey is pressed, the player is close enough and he has a mining tool in hand. Not going to be fixed soon.
    - Other players may be able to Veinmine tiles you've mined even when you haven't held the Veinmine hotkey (multiplayer only of course)

    Future plans:
    - Add support for walls.

    If you want to donate:
    (I'll greatly appreciate that!)

    If you have any ideas for new functionalities, please comment them :D
    If you find any bugs, please report it to me so I can fix them :)

    Mod is inspired by Minecraft mod called the same name.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  2. AetherLucario

    AetherLucario Plantera

  3. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Can you make a config for enabling it to work with any block? And then a limit for that as well.
    Stuckinahol3 likes this.
  4. BlackTrade30

    BlackTrade30 Skeletron Prime

    Omg! I want to thank you for this amazing mod! But there is a critical bug... I don't exactly know what causes it but after a while, it stops working. I went mining and worked exactly as it should be but then it stopped working (mine one ore at a time). Further explanation: I mined a big amount of copper ore then I killed a slime while I took dmg (noob :D), broke a rock (to get bait) then I was about to admire the effectiveness but nope. I hope you find the solution. If I close and reopen the game it works again. And you can actually set "Mouse1" to not hold any key :D
  5. Stuckinahol3

    Stuckinahol3 Skeletron Prime

    This is really helpful, thanks!
  6. AetherLucario

    AetherLucario Plantera

    Same with BladeTrade30, Veinmining does not work at all after about 5 minutes of being in a world. Please fix :c
  7. NanobotZ

    NanobotZ Terrarian

    I can make that, but don't expect it too fast :)

    I think I know what's wrong with it, working on a fix.
  8. BlackTrade30

    BlackTrade30 Skeletron Prime

    Thank you! Hope you'll find the problem!
  9. Specterz

    Specterz Spazmatism

    Love It! :dryadpassionate:
  10. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    >Hits Dirt Block on new world
    >World explodes

    Jokes aside, this is a great mod.
  11. Specterz

    Specterz Spazmatism

    Omg Yes! that is so funny just imagine!
  12. Valkyrie Valhalla

    Valkyrie Valhalla Dungeon Spirit

    "Hey, did you know this modpack has veinminer?"

    Thank you, I can now make this Etho-joke in Terraria. Jokes aside, this is great stuff!
  13. keatongregg

    keatongregg Terrarian

    I can't get this mod to work. Holding the ~ key while mining doesn't break the whole vein.
  14. NanobotZ

    NanobotZ Terrarian

    Updated the mod to 1.1
    • Added a config file
    • Addead a possibility to VeinMine not only ores
    • Fixed VeinMining going really slow with bigger veins
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Nov 19, 2017 ---
    Check the Controls menu in Terraria, maybe the VeinMine hotkey has not set itself to the ~ key.
    Also please check the Known bugs section.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  15. keatongregg

    keatongregg Terrarian

    Thank you so much!! I got it working :D
  16. SpyderRabbit

    SpyderRabbit Official Terrarian

    Please Fix this bug, I have way too many mods installed to reload mods.
  17. AetherLucario

    AetherLucario Plantera

    Please fix the veinminer randomly stop working bug, it turns off every 5 minutes or so and its not worth it to reload mods that often with how many that I have :L
  18. Hybernairy

    Hybernairy Terrarian

    I dont think this mod is compatible with kRPG mod. It just don't work for me and my +5 iron pickaxe lol
  19. This mod is simple but amazing. If you can fix it up and stuff, then you've got yourself something that would be a must-have for any spenlunk-a-holic.
  20. BlackTrade30

    BlackTrade30 Skeletron Prime

    Can you make a config to work with gems (ruby, diamond etc.), silt, slush, and fossil? Looking forward to your answer :) And the bug we discovered is not so bad but I have to go back to the cave... that's annoying. But knowing you are working on fix makes the bug much forgettable.
    craftyclavin likes this.