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tModLoader VeinMiner Mod - Mine ores faster!


how can i acces the config for the mod? i wanna Enable the mod to work in multiplayer. also i own the Steam Tmodloader version


Do you know how I can get this on linux? Because whenever I try to download it in game it doesnt work When i click the bitton the loading proccess shows up but goes right away in an instant. How do I fix this? Also its the steam version


Is there a feature, to auto mine diagonal?

If, how do I do it?
If not, I would like it, in the next update.


i know that mod is discontinued for 1.4, but i still use stable version tML for 1.3.X and want to get best expirience with VeinMiner, but my log filled by lots of messeges about veinminer couldn't connected to the site with ore list. May sb helps me
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