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Very Simple Crystal Farm (also moneh farm :D)


Skeletron Prime
Hello there! I'm new to this Discussion Group, here's my latest creation; The Crystal Farm!
(also useful for moneh >:3)

Instructions (for beginners): Make Pearlstone Plataforms (like show in the snapshot), put Actuators in them, then put a Lever at the point where you are gonna stand still, put wires connecting the Pearlstone Plataforms and Actuators to the Lever, then you can auto collect the crystals that grown there.

You can also put Conveyor Belts where the Crystals will fall to make things easier for you.

Sorry, i'm not too creative with wires :p.


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Skeletron Prime
If not changed in 1.3 here some older link
Crystals can't spawn on top of pearl stone. They have 25% left/right and 50% bot chance. But if a pearlstone is below the sprite can change that it look like it spawned on top.
A new can only spawn if in the location around +/-6 blocks not more than 1 crystal already exists.
(it may have changed for version 1.3)
They actually spawn on top of the Pearlstone Plataforms for me.


They actually spawn on top of the Pearlstone Plataforms for me.
And there is no other pearlstone to the left/right/top?
Can you do some screenshot?
If you like you can do some prove to be 100% sure about this: place a row of single pearlstone blocks with 2 free blocks around each.
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