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tModLoader Vibing Cursor

Welcome to the Vibing Cursor thread!
Current version: v1.0.0.2
Built for tModLoader v0.11.7.5

What does this mod do?
It's simple, really. Your mouse vibrates!

However, to make navigating the main menu and player/world menus not
completely impossible, the mouse will only vibrate
while you are in a world.

Not only that, but the mouse will vibrate with increasing
intensity as your player character moves faster.
If the player is standing still, then the mouse
will not vibrate.
It can't be a sandbox game if you aren't able mine, right?

The effect is even configurable!
In the mod's configs, you are able to modify the
vibration intensity and
disable the effect, which essentially makes the mod do nothing.

Special thanks to @steviegt6 for giving me the idea to make this mod!
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