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Villagers and Landlord - A way to make towns feel more complete


The Destroyer
Villagers are an idea to make Terraria town and villages feel more complete. The landlord would move in randomly, after enough npc's are found. From this NPC, you can buy a for-sale, which when placed in an empty house, causes a villager to move in. These villagers would be randomly generated like any normal Terraria character, and could have special benefits. If your villagers are kept with to a good content level, (which you can check with the landlord) they will consider getting a job. You can hire villagers willing to work at the landlord, and could have them to do jobs such as farm, hunt, or other things. Tax Collector would also collect more money and generate more for the amount of villagers in your town/city. In general, villagers would make a village feel more complete, and you could have a really cool city or town with tons of villagers living there. There would have to be a limit to not flood the max spawns (perhaps 10-30 or a set-able amount). Hopefully this idea can be added to the future. They could even go to the nurse or talk to other speciality npc's at times.


Eye of Cthulhu
This is basically suggesting that we add a new class of npcs to the game, which do essentially nothing.
I know that the villagers "farm" and "hunt," but what purpose would this serve? The only good thing that I can think of that could possibly come out of this is more money generated from "taxes." However, the Tax collcetor npc does this already. I would have no real reason to use this villager function.
Perhaps you could explain what exactly hunting and farming would do, I would have more to go on.
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