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WIP Vortex Pillar Lore

Storm Diver_102

Vortex Pillar lore
This is just some Lore I created for the Vortex and a little bit of the other Celestial pillars. I had some input from Omega Derpling but most of this is mine as may conflict with the official and other people's lore. So if this does conflict with some of your lore, well that's fine as this is my lore and it's written the way I want :dryadwink:
Millennia ago 4 different planets were created, each one representing a different form of energy in the universe, these were Solar, Nebula, Stardust and Vortex. The inhabitants of these planets seeks universal domination, and are very deadly and have so far taken over many worlds each. While each of the four groups are rivals, they rarely get in each other’s way and have on many occasions shared worlds, but keeping to their own sections. The Moon Lord has been summoned on each of the planets, and can assist them if all four pillars are defeated by a very powerful being.

Vortex Planet (Vortexia)


Vortexia as seen from a planet that is currently being invaded.

The planet Vortexia was the first of the 4 celestial planets to be created, and the first one where the Moon Lord was summoned successfully, hence it sharing the same colour scheme as the Vortex creatures. The planet itself is smaller than the others, but has giant rings orbiting it. It constantly rains down lightning on the surface and is a very hostile place to live, but the creatures are able to live on its surface with no problem.

The planet is home to all Vortex creatures, and is where all of the Vortex pillars and fragments come from. Tons of Vortex energy is buried within the planet itself, and this is all mined to enhance the strength of everything on it, and is used in the creation of weapons and armour. The creatures overtime have become immune to lightning, are some are capable of using it as an offensive weapon, and it has even been incorporated into the pillars.

There are many different life forms on the planet, the two most common being Vortexians and Alien Hornets. The more advanced Vortexians have used different Vortex technology to become Storm Divers, while the ones that don’t practice using the energy directly. The Hornets have mostly been converted into Vortex units that have the ability to advance to the next stage of growth very quickly. There are many other creatures on the planet but most are not used in combat are roam free.

Over time many species have become extinct, thanks to the Storm Divers and Alien hornets hunting them down for food and resources. As of today only the hornets, Vortexians and the Storm Divers are known to still live on the planet, however it’s possible many more still roam around.

The planet itself is capable of moving around the universe on its own, and whenever a pillar is sent out to invade another planet, Vortexia moves within close proximity of it so backup can be sent to it, and also allows the pillar to escape if it takes too much damage. While in proximity of another planet, its lightning weather spreads to it, causing many strikes to impact the planet and killing lots of life on it.

The Pillar

The Vortex Pillar, similar in appearance to the other three.

The Vortex pillar was a vessel used by the units to store lots of Vortex energy. In order to fit so much in the energy was compressed into fragments which a single one being able to power an entire planet. There was more than a single pillar, and many were created back on Vortexia and were sent to many different planets in order to take over them, and they were accompanied by at least 100 Vortex units. The pillars were protected by a shield which was generated by having many of its own units near it, however, should a large majority of the units be killed, it is unable to sustain its shield and is left open to attack.

A Vortex fragment, stored inside of the Pillar.

The pillar itself was granted some offensive capabilities, it is able to summon 2 Alien hornets at once from a portal which it can create anywhere close by, even on the other side of walls. In the past it was able to summon multiple Queens, however this drained too much energy and had to be reduced to just the two Hornets. The pillar itself can sustain a lot of damage, but if it takes too much it is able to teleport back home, however it leaves behind all of its Vortex fragments which can be stolen by enemies.

Any Vortex units left behind after a pillar needed to retreat will be left to fend for themselves. Most of them are killed but some may survive and live on the planet they were left on, and some are capable of escaping. If a pillar is damaged enough it sends a signal to the Moon Lord, and if it receives enough then it will attack the world that it was sent from, usually resulting in all life on the world being destroyed.

Lunatic Cultists were able to prevent the Vortex and other pillars from invading certain worlds, however they would usually be seen as mad and were killed off, allowing the pillars to invade the world and take over it. All the pillars while rivals, stay to their own part of the world and usually don’t interfere with each other, but each are alerted if another pillar has to retreat.

Storm Diver
A standard Storm Diver wielding a shotgun.

Storm Divers are the most elite soldiers in the Vortex army and are enhanced Vortexians. They are equipped with a jetpack and a powerful shotgun and are capable of taking on even prepared players. Their shotgun shoots 4 powerful bullets and can cut down enemies from a far, and their jetpacks allow them to fly level with any enemy encountered.

The Storm Divers are mostly responsible for guarding the main pillar, and can be found in groups that communicate with each other. Their helmet allows them, to spot enemies from a far and even in the dark. They are the most intelligent of the Vortex creatures and can communicate with enemies and creatures from faraway places and even the other Pillars.

They are one of the oldest soldiers and have been around since the creation of the pillar. There used to be many different types of them, including ones that used sniper rifles and could turn invisible. However over time the other variants seemed to disappear leaving only the shotgun wielding ones around today. Their armour used to be able to allow them to enter stealth mode, however overtime as the armour gets worn out this ability is lost, and today there have been no known cases of a Storm Diver being able to use this ability.

A standard Vortexian, Storm Divers also have this appearance under their armour.

Vortexians are a type of soldier that does not use any weapons, instead they rely on their brute strength, and in numbers they can easily overwhelm a player. Upon death should that occur they can summon a powerful lightning bolt at their killer, allowing them get kills even after death. They are devastating in large groups but are not as deadly as the Storm Divers.

Vortexians are regular soldiers who have been around for as long as the Storm Divers, however over time they have developed a way to store Vortex energy unlike their technology wielding counterparts. This energy is released upon death and they still have control over it, and most if not all use it to fire a lightning bolt at their killer, but a rare few have used it in the past to enhance their allies’ abilities.

Vortexians are ground based units with no flight capabilities, and are usually sent on recon missions and they can use their Vortex power to transmit information to one another and even back to Vortexia. They have average intelligence and are capable of communicating with each other, but prefer to communicate via their telepathy, something no other member has.

Alien Hornets
The three stages of growth for an Alien Hornet.

Alien hornets are creatures native to Vortexia, but have been genetically enhanced by the Storm Divers to have increased flight and attack capabilities. There are 3 main stages of growth; Larva, Hornet and finally Queen. The Queens have the ability to fire a deadly stinger which can distort the gravity of any enemy it hits, an ability that they have mastered over the years.

Over time the Alien Hornets have been able to advance to the next stage of growth in mere minutes, all that’s to the genetic engineering by the Storm Divers. This advanced growth means that the Queen can lay several Larva on any battle field and after a few minutes they can grow all the way into Alien Queens, creating a limitless army. The Larva is fairly weak however so they need to be protected to allow them to grow to their full size.

The regular Hornets are not capable of firing any projectile, and instead must ram enemies to deal damage, so instead they usually guard the Larva until they grow into hornets, and by that time the hornets themselves would’ve grown into a queen. The Queen’s projectile is enhanced with Vortex energy that they have mastered to allow control over gravity. This ability has gotten stronger over time, but also has lost the ability to effect other unit’s projectiles.

Lost creatures:
The Vortex pillar army used to have more members, however over time some of them disappeared or were wiped out leading to the only remaining 3 that there are today.

Alien King
The alien king used to be the final stage of growth for certain hornets instead of the Queen, they were capable of summoning rings of Alien hornets around other units. It also was able to rapidly shoot out stingers at a rate far faster than the Queens, but lacked the gravity distortion effect. Once about 1 in every 6 hornets grew into a king, but over time this chance got slimmer until the Kings were eventually wiped out. It is very likely that the Kings were under a lot of strain due to all the vortex energy stored inside of them, and were less stable than the Queens.

Phantadrones were a type of flying creature that had the ability to latch onto enemies. They deal no damage themselves, however they were capable of greatly amplifying any incoming damage deal to the enemy they were latched onto to. They were a support role and required other units to be effective. However over time many of the drones escaped from the pillars and attempted to take on other enemies themselves, and without any other unit to assist they were quickly wiped out and discontinued.

Cycloners were a type of beast that had a row of spikes on its back. They were capable of charging across the ground very quickly and firing the spikes from their back at a high speed a velocity. It was also possible for a Storm Diver or Vortexian to ride these, however they had to be de-spiked which would greatly reduce the effectiveness of them, so this was seldom done. However these beasts were very aggressive and difficult to control, and eventually had to be killed after they killed many of their own units.

Vortex technology
One of the possible guns that was created.

Using the Vortex energy, the Storm Divers have been able to create very advanced technology such as weapons and armour. The most impressive technology so far was being able to rapidly accelerate the growth of certain creatures, as seen with the Alien Hornets. These hornets can grow from a simple Larva into a fully-fledged queen in mere minutes. They also have many different guns, however over time only Shotguns are still in use. They have also created advanced armour that is worn by the Storm Divers, but over time it has lost its ability to allow the wearer to enter stealth.

A set of modified Vortex armour, similar to the one Storm Divers wear.

Most recent event
On a certain world, a bunch of Cultists were able to prevent the summoning of the Moon Lord using their ritual, however it was interrupted by a certain player. This caused that worlds Lunatic Cultist to appear and battle the player, desperately trying to stop the Pillars from arriving. However after a lengthy battle than Cultist was killed, allowing all four of the pillars to invade the world.

The Vortex pillar appeared in the far right of the world, and started to spread its units over the world. The player eventually came across the pillar and was able to kill unit after unit. After another long battle enough units were killed to disable the shield around the pillar. The pillar then took too much damage and had to retreat back to Vortexia, which then fled the system but not before alerting the Moon Lord.

The other pillars were also defeated and alerted the Moon Lord as well, and after a minute of the last defeated pillar it arrived at the world and battled the player. It was a very close fight with the Moon Lord unleashing its full arsenal on the player, but was ultimately defeated by the player. The 4 planets had to then work hard to revive the Moon Lord, so it could one day return for its revenge.
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Would you be okay with me putting a link to this lore on the Featured Lore part of my lore hub?

Also do you care if I make lore for the other pillars or will you get mad at me?
This is very cool and interesting! Are you going to make pixel art of the extinct creatures? I like reading, so this was very interesting to read! The Vortex Pillar is my 2nd favorite pillar, right next to the Stardust. Also, I noticed there were a few typos...
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