tModLoader W1K's Mod Redux

Discussion in 'Released' started by W1K, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. swoollard15

    swoollard15 Terrarian

    U should add support for boss checklist
  2. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    Don't know if you still update but the mimetic pants are incorrectly called Magma greaves.
  3. dragonstar

    dragonstar Terrarian

    can't find any information about what bosses are added or how they're summoned...? :confused:
  4. neoselket

    neoselket Dungeon Spirit

    I killed the kut-ku bird in expert mode(prehardmode) and the treasure bag gave me redigit's set. I'm assuming that's a bug? Also, the bloodseeker sound is a little annoying.
  5. Terraking

    Terraking Skeletron Prime

    Any expert treasure bag has a chance of giving you dev items.
  6. neoselket

    neoselket Dungeon Spirit

    Only hardmode ones though.
  7. Terraking

    Terraking Skeletron Prime

    Hmm good point.
  8. W1K

    W1K Witch

    I do debug the mod in multiplayer, since it was initially built to be multiplayer-compatible. That has been a known bug for a while, which should also be fairly easy to fix. Among other things to focus on I ended up forgetting about it, in multiple occasions. I already put it as a priority on my to-do list for future reference so maybe for once I'll not forget about it.

    Maybe. I feel Ridley is somewhat fine as it is, the others might get some adjustments if I feel like it. I still have to work on their hardmode edits so I might think about it once I get to actually work on that.

    I was unaware of such mod's existence and might think about it.

    Weird oversight. The tooltip is also wrong as the mimetic set is focused on ranged damage. The mimetic hood also states magic damage instead of ranged crit. They'll be fixed on the next patch. this post might help you out.

    Another weird oversight. Fix will be up with next upload.

    Also yes, I'm lazy, also somewhat busy. I will try to push some contents in the upcoming weeks. I've been currently focusing on Ivy Plant themed gears and I've been looking for a way of making the Mimetic set a tad bit more exciting. I've also been trying to think of proper Metroid themed gears for Ridley but other than magic-based beams themed after the original game's different beam types but I can't think of anything else that would fit the other damage-types.
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  9. Sasha Drakovi

    Sasha Drakovi Pixel Pirate

    tmodloader is out. mod is currently unplayable. dunno if you know or not.

    Also dunno if its a bug but when i last fought Ridley no music played. at all. not even any of the usual boss themes for the game or even non boss stuff.
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  10. W1K

    W1K Witch

    I didn't. Now I do.

    Ridley has no boss music in the lite (mod browser) version of the mod, as I had to remove it to meet the size limit. Whether that causes issues with other music files I don't know. I have noticed tModLoader lowering the music setting to 0 at random times however.

    I kind of hoped to wait until I had actual contents to release but I guess I have enough good reasons to push in a very needed hotfix.

    So here's changelog for version

    - Fixed duplicate projectile entry causing incompatibility with tModLoader 0.9.2
    - Armor pieces from the Mimetic set are now properly named and tooltips now properly point towards the corresponding ranged bonuses.
    - KutKu's expert mode bag no longer gives a chance for dev vanities.
    - Slugger's baseball shotgun has been taken away and will now correctly only throw a single baseball in multiplayer. (Idea noted for future reference) (assuming it finally got fixed) (god I hope)

    - Mod is now compatible with jopojelly's Boss Checklist mod.

    As usual, any bug report is very well appreciated. Especially if you notice Sluggers throwing 10 baseballs at once.
    Lite version has also been updated, as per usual.

    On a somewhat less but still related note, I gave my Boxinator mod its own thread independent from my commission thread. If nobody knew of its existence in the first place, I probably forgot to mention it here. And I forget a lot of stuffs. Like that one time Sluggers had shotguns for about 5 releases in a row. I will make that a recurring joke and you will hate me for it.
  11. Kirei

    Kirei Terrarian

    tModLoader update broke the mod again
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  12. W1K

    W1K Witch

    The actual issue? It seems to load fine for me on the latest tModLoader.
  13. Kirei

    Kirei Terrarian

    Huh. It's working properly, when loaded on it's own.
    Must be a mod conflict or too many mods then. (But why is it giving "Mod has been built on tModLoader, you're using" error and not OutOfMemory?)
    Sorry for false report.
  14. W1K

    W1K Witch

    Mods list? it might lead me in some direction to figure out what's causing it.
    And I suppose too many mods is always a possibility, although I don't know what tmodloader's limit is on that regard.

    EDIT: It would also help to know whether you're trying to run the version on this thread or the lite version from the in-game browser. Also, to be absolutely sure I last uploaded a version compiled from the latest version of tModLoader (maybe for whatever weird reason, it WORKS with the latest still but breaks ONLY when there's too many mods?) here's a link to a .tmod compiled with the latest release.
  15. Kirei

    Kirei Terrarian

    Re-checked it.
    Apparently, some other mod that was right before yours in load order, got outdated and your mod has been SOMEHOW detected as outdated too(game crashed after that, so it was probably somewhere near the memory limit, with me having nearly 70 mods enabled and everything).
    Loaded everything else except that one and it works. Also tried loading with that mod enabled and yours disabled, loader flagged next one after yours as outdated. So it's not a problem on your end, that's for sure.
    tModLoader gets weird with lots of mods.

    I'm using the version from this thread, if that means anything by this point.

    Sorry for disturbing you about nothing.
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  16. W1K

    W1K Witch

    No problem, any weird report is good to keep in mind for future reference, might a similar issue pop up again in the future.
  17. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    Can't wait for the resprites for the bosses. And will the the mechanical Phoenixes be added?
  18. W1K

    W1K Witch

    I don't have any actual resprites planned but if anyone is willing I always accept improved sprites.

    About the mechanical phoenixes, maybe, but probably not. I simply did not enjoy their design too much, the original phoenixes were already not really the greatest bosses ever designed (and I had to redesign them very harshly), the mechs were essentially a copy-paste of the original except spawned together at the same time.
    I am very much into the philosophy that a boss' AI must take account and be designed for the specific environment it is put into (for instance, Aquatix has you go around wildly as you don't have space limiting you around over the ocean, Ardorix's bombs are slow but take a chunk of the map if you don't navigate it properly but are otherwise laughably easy to avoid on the surface), the mechanical phoenixes completely disregard that idea, throwing them against you anywhere and where their AIs are either out of place and extremely easy to avoid or just straight ridiculous.
    If ever they will be a thing, they'll be a complete redesign, but I honestly have different plans for an "hardmode phoenix" that does not involve a mechanical trio simply because it's easier to be creative and original with a whole new concept, and especially, a single AI is much easier to balance and design without having it devolve into chaos.
    But even then, that'll probably have to wait, as I am very much still in the process of refining existing contents and adding gears to fit holes all the already made bosses left behind.

    3LAMESTUDIO Pixel Pirate

    Using your mod in the current version of Tmodloader. For some apparent reason, chick decapitator doesn't require to be charged after charging it once, giving it permanently boosted stats, same goes for its upgrade/
  20. cody71200

    cody71200 Pixel Privateer

    Yeah it's the same for me, the weapon is really op