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tModLoader Waking Night, Envoy to Dreaming Day

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Dungeon Spirit

Mod Discontinued, details are on a later page.
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Dungeon Spirit
Nice mod! Now I can do a spear only playthrough.
Might have to try this one. Could be fun to do a spears-only playthrough with these, as @The True Hero said.

Yeppers, however you might want to wait till 1.5. That should bring in a lot more spears and re-balances to the table! :)

(Also a note, sorry that boomerang and gold/platinum sword in the mod logo isn't actually in the mod yet.. Not sure why I didn't put them in but they should be in 1.5 as well.)


Dungeon Spirit
I believe the phrase that describes me here is "You had me at hello." Definitely keeping an eye on this mod.

Heh yeah, 1.5 should add Moon and Star's wand, maybe her mace too.

Oh, Spears huh?
Well...may I suggest some "Spear Cannons", allowing you to turn an equipable for your cannon's "Ammo"?

Hmm, that would be interesting but probably in the far future. Still getting used to projectile coding heh.

Oh yeah here's a few balance changes that have been coded since release and will be in 1.5:

Metal and Meteor Spears nerfed:
Damage lowered by 2,
Speed corrected to be a bit slower than "Spear",
Projectile distance corrected to the sprite,
Knockback halfed

Flamestriker nerfed:
Now deals no knockback
Tooltip corrected

These aren't all the balance changes that are going to be in 1.5, but the ones currently ready.


Dungeon Spirit
And 1 more question, how can i get spear crate?

There isn't any spear crate, these are all craftable items. The whole crate thing is just a design aesthetic I guess heh.

Also, new update out! Bunch a re-balances for most of the weapons. (and an unobtainable funspear :^) )
This probably should have been out earlier, but we've been also working and planning 1.5 on the side so bleugh.


Dungeon Spirit
thats misadvertising though

Jokes aside, the content part of the thread is being changed in the next update and the crate aesthetic to it will only be in the little logo pics.
(Or at least, till I add more weapon types)

We're very sorry™, this will be looked upon and will be coming soon™. Please look forward to it™

I'm just kidding valk add dis

It would be neat to see a literal content crate, so maybe in the future! ^^

more ranged weapons please? and perhaps some more ammo?

More ranged weapons would be fun to work on, sure! But at the moment we're prioritizing adding more subclass weapons and a few fun ones.

Also, get hyped! 1.5 will hold almost 3x as much content as the initial release!

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