NPCs & Enemies Wall of Steel - Mech Wall of Flesh Boss

Is that message directed to me or him, because I'm just standing there with my itching hand on my head itching
For you, that whole discussion was just a misunderstanding. You thought he was saying that this thread was spam, when he was actually trying to tell someone else that you can ask a moderator to lock a thread if it is spam
1. No. This is a WAY too overused idea from first time posters
2. Putting the world back to normal is a VERY bad idea, it would be really laggy, it would destroy people's builds, destroy CHESTS, and it's overall just a silly addition.
3. Not enough information. And going UP?? Seriously, this would mean you would have to build a GIANT Hellevator.

No support mate, sorry.
no support because
me : phew , i spent 2 years of building this
*hears about boss*
ohhh , i want to see how it works
*summons him*
me : WHY GOD WHY !!!!?!
Like seriously , this boss sounds like a reset everything feature disguised as a boss
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