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Warding or Menacing

  1. Warding

    10 vote(s)
  2. Menacing

    6 vote(s)
  1. Cyan Saviour

    Cyan Saviour Terrarian

    Which is a better reforge?
  2. WhiteShadow41

    WhiteShadow41 Terrarian

    Warding for melee and ranged, menacing for magic and summoners is what I use
  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    It usually depends on your gameplay style.
    Warding if you're taking a lot of hits. Menacing if you want to save on Emblems.
  4. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Whatever you reforge to first
  5. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    Basically this, yes.

    If you want to get ridiculous you'd ideally want to push for a mixture of Lucky and Menacing to get as close to a 100% critical hit rate as you can without sacrificing too much damage, but the current state of Expert mode doesn't really punish you for going full Lucky.

    Menacing might become more useful in Master mode if the damage formula changes again.
  6. TrainerWill

    TrainerWill Golem

    If you're used to boss patterns and can maneuver through projectiles and attacks easily I'd go with Menacing but if you're sloppy or just prefer to tank more damage I'd go with Warding.
  7. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Hasty post-moonlord. Who needs warding or nenacing to build?
  8. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    You mean you don't use summons while you're building?
  9. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    A stray stardust dragon, but who needs more? The slots are for the solar mobility and building accessories.
  10. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    I always use a swarm of ufos, because if I'm building in a place with a high spawnrate in expert mode (I.E. jungle) a dragon usually isn't a robust enough defense system. Also why would anyone use mobility accessories? A shrimpy truffle or static hook is usually enough...
  11. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    So I can quickly get supplies
  12. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Your money trough isn't enough?
  13. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Its moreso me just not getting enough supplies for a build (not from chests, from the actual areas that drop the supplies)

    This is getting off-topic, so I'll leave it here.
  14. DaizTerra

    DaizTerra Terrarian

    I'm a warding kinda guy
    And a swarm of UFOs is useful for defense
  15. Clockwork Alpha

    Clockwork Alpha Skeletron Prime

    I'm really bad at dodging attacks so i usually stick with warding
  16. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    As others have said: Neither of these is better. You should pick the one that's best for you.
    Are you good at dodging? Do you rarely die? Go for menacing.
    Do you keep dying over and over again? Find that certain bosses keep killing you fast? Go for warding.
  17. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    Or better just stay with the reforge you got. I rarely reforge my items.
  18. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    Lucky is a better modifier than Menacing, as the extra crit chance offers higher DPS, I try to balance Lucky and Warding 50/50.
  19. WhiteShadow41

    WhiteShadow41 Terrarian

    Lucky is my favorite modifier, but usually I'm unlucky and get menacing or warding first so I just roll with it. I do try to get menacing when I am playing magic class though, because I like to end battles quickly in that class.
  20. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Actually, lucky is an equal dps increase to menacing with a greater standard deviation. Seeing as it improves your damage by 100% 4% of the time it ends up boosting your dps by 4%, which is identical to menacing. However, it does have greater potential than menacing as it can affect your dps by drastically increasing or simply having it remain the same depending on your luck. It's really personal preference as to which you should use and the only real factor in picking is how much trust you want to put in rngsus.
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