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PC Warning blocks


My suggestion is quite simple. I would like to see blocks with diagonal alternating yellow and black stripes. Like this. They would look much like the candy cane blocks, but with black and yellow. Painting candy cane blocks with negative paint doesn't work unfortunately, because not only do you not get yellow and black, the outlines of the blocks become white too. Which looks weird.

I think it would look best if they were metallic with rivets and such. A bit like adamantite beam, cogs or tin plating for example.

This brings me to the next point. Should they be made out of iron/lead bars or ores in combination with stone blocks or something? I honestly can't think of anything logical. Maybe they should be bought from the mechanic. Because... electrocution hazard...? Maybe you guys can come with something.

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Oh that's a good idea. I mean as a variant. I will explain why. If you have black&yellow blocks you could paint it and the yellow changes to whatever color you want, but the black stays black. With orange&white the white will stay white and you can make the orange whatever other color you want with paint. Lots of possibilities.

You could make orange&white with candy cane blocks and orange paint I suppose, but it won't have a cool metallic industrial feel to it.


Yeah,the yellow-black is a good idea.Also it is a good idea of making those blocks,but i was able to reproduce Old Titan Armor and Old Redigit set.

Master Geass

I would love it. If we aren't buying or looting them then they would likely be made with black and yellow paint/dye plus the block or ore that fits.
I'm thinking of this:

Mechanic sells "White warning block" and "Black warning block"
these can be turned into walls via workbench
when painted, they adquire the "diagonal stripes"


They could also make police tape, and/or a road block type thing that you could use to prevent npcs or spawns from going into different areas.

Master Geass

I was watching a let's play of a portal map. Someone made unportalable walls that looked like warning blocks. Looks like he did it by hammering the blocks into slants, painting them yellow, and painting the wall behind them black.

This is the map.

Here is the video.
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