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PC WarWar's Builds

Drago Miakoda

1) Those houses in 3/4th perspective are very clever, I was wondering how many people built like that.
2) That base is so perfect: I've been trying to build a high-tech design for a while and you've given me so much inspiration with one picture alone.
3) The Tiger Moth is just wonderful, I love that movie so much! Well done!

Unit One

Staff member
Oh man, the train. I love it so much. And it looks like valid housing - can it fit 11 NPCs? That's what I see.


Dungeon Spirit
The alpha base blew my mind! Some things (like the beds ID'd above, thanks!) I have no idea how you made they nor out of what. Splendid :dryadeek:


Eye of Cthulhu
When I saw them for the first time too it took some time in the wiki to find them. I have to admit they are the coolest bed I've seen yet.


I could find some clues about what i want to build in terraria forum and terraria steam community, but I failed to build one year ago.
I think that's result from my lack of ability and lack of experience.

But today, I can find total answers about my destination and direction of build from your base α. Automated factory, wide hangar, control room, emergency room, dining room (or bar?), reactor, and so on. There are numerous totally cool expressions.

* Platform & Stair Rifle is really cool. I know another terrarian used that trick. Rariaz.
* I saw the Kataphrakts from your base α.


Thank you very much for your everyone and comment.
I learned by trial and error and made, so when you can have a comment, I'm happy.
It was rarely uploaded, but I opened it to raise construction technique each other.
I'm wishing that these become one of an idea for everyone's construction.
If several objects are made, I think I'll open it continuously.
Thank you very much.
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