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Wavebank Wavebank of The Legend of Zelda (The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past and Minish Cap -


I had several problems to post because of a bug, now everything is right, sorry. / Tive diversos problemas para postar porque de um bug, agora tudo está certo, desculpe.

I've always wanted to share the incredible soundtracks that the Zelda franchise gives us, especially The Wind Waker, it's one of my favorites from the games I've played so far. The normal soundtrack has many tracks from "The Wind Waker", but also "Majora's Mask" and "Ocarina of Time". The Otherworld is from "A Link to the Past" and "Minish Cap", to give nostalgia to the older 2D games.

Sempre quis compartilhar as trilhas sonoras incríveis que a franquia Zelda nos proporciona, especialmente de The Wind Waker, é uma das minhas favoritas dos jogos que joguei até agora. A trilha sonora normal possui muitas faixas de "The Wind Waker", mas também tem de "Majora's Mask" e "Ocarina of Time". The Otherworld é de "A Link to the Past" e "Minish Cap", para dar uma nostalgia aos jogos 2D mais antigos.

----- The songs are not edited correctly to stay in the infinite loop, because I don't know how to change this much, if anyone wants to help me with this, I would be very grateful. Just send a message on my profile to chat <3 -----

----- As músicas não estão editadas corretamente para ficar no loop infinito, pois não sei como mexer muito nisso, se alguém quiser me ajudar com isso, eu ficaria muito grato. Só enviar mensagem no meu perfil <3 -----




° Music Spoiler/Spoiler das músicas

1. Overworld Night (Ikana Valley, Majora's Mask)
2. Eerie (Majora's Theme, Majora's Mask)
3. Overworld Day (Outset Island, Wind Waker)
4. Boss 1 (Boss Battle, Ocarina of Time)
5. Title Classic (House, Ocarina of Time)
6. Jungle Day (Deku Nut's Palace, Majora's Mask)
7. Corruption (Shadow Temple, Ocarina of Time)
8. Hallow (Sage Laruto, Wind Waker)
9. Underground Corruption (The Miracle Stone Shows One's True Nature, Wind Waker)
10. Underground Hallow (Tower of the Gods, Wind Waker)
11. Boss 2 (Dinosaur Boss Battle, Ocarina of Time)
12. Underground (Cave, Majora's Mask)
13. Boss 3 (Boss Battle, Majora's Mask)
14. Snow (Snow Mountain, Majora's Mask)
15. Space Night (Last End, Majora's Mask)
16. Crimson (Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Ocarina of Time)
17. Boss 4 (Puppet Ganon (Spider Mode), Wind Waker)
18. Alt Overworld Day (Hyrule Field Main Theme, Ocarina of Time)
19. Rainy Day (Medli's Awakening, Wind Waker)
20. Underground Snow (Ice Cavern, Ocarina of Time)
21. Desert (Gerudo Valley, Ocarina of Time)
22. Ocean Day (Zora's Domain, Ocarina of Time)
23. Dungeon (Ikana Old Castle, Majora's Mask)
24. Plantera (Kalle Demos, Wind Waker)
25. Boss 5 (The Tower of Forsaken Fortress, Wind Waker)
26. Temple (Woodfall Temple, Majora's Mask)
27. Eclipse (Magic Emperor of Majora Battle, Majora's Mask)
28. Rain Sound Effect
29. Mushrooms (Forest Haven, Wind Waker)
30. Pumpkin Moon (Jabu's Curse, Majora's Mask)
31. Alt Underground (Ganon's Castle Under Ground, Ocarina of Time)
32. Frost Moon (Molgera, Wind Waker)
33. Underground Crimson (The Miracle Stone Shows One's True Nature, Wind Waker)
34. Lunar Event (Phantom Ganon, Wind Waker)
35. Pirate Invasion (Puppet Ganon (Snake Mode), Wind Waker)
36. Hell (Dodongo's Cavern, Ocarina of Time)
37. Martian Madness (Monster Raid, Majora's Mask)
38. Moon Lord (Ganondorf Battle, Wind Waker)
39. Globlin Invasion (Middle Boss Battle, Ocarina of Time)
40. Sandstorm (Battle, Wind Waker)
41. Old One's Army (Ganondorf Battle, Ocarina of Time)
42. Space Day (Astronomical Observatory, Majora's Mask)
43. Ocean Night (Great Bay Beach, Majora's Mask)
44. Windy Day (Dragon Roost Island, Wind Waker)
45. Wind Sound Effect
46. Town Day (Windfall Island, Wind Waker)
47. Town Night (Kakariko Village, Ocarina of Time)
48. Slime Rain (Mini Game, Majora's Mask)
49. Overworld Day Remix
50. Title Intro Journey's End (Master Sword, Ocarina of Time)
51. Title Journey's End (Menu Selection, Wind Waker)
52. Storm (Windmill Hut, Ocarina of Time)
53. Graveyard (Dungeon, Wind Waker)
54. Underground Jungle (Forbidden Woods, Wind Waker)
55. Jungle Night (Sage Fado, Wind Waker)
56. Queen Slime (Jalhalla, Wind Waker)
57. Empress of Light (Helmaroc King, Wind Waker)
58. Duke Fishron (The 2nd Maritime Battle, Wind Waker)
59. Morning Rain (Ocean, Wind Waker)
60. Title Console (Ending, Wind Waker)
61. Underground Desert (Pirate Fortress, Majora's Mask)
62. Otherworld Rain (Time of Falling Rain, A Link to the Past)
63. Otherworld Overworld Day (Overworld, A Link to the Past)
64. Otherworld Overworld Night (Dark World, A Link to the Past)
65. Otherworld Underground (Cave, A Link to the Past)
66. Otherworld Desert (Castor Wilds, Minish Cap)
67. Otherworld Ocean (Element Appears, Minish Cap)
68. Otherworld Mushrooms (Turned Into a Rabbit!, A Link to the Past)
69. Otherworld Dungeon (Dark World Dungeon, A Link to the Past)
70. Otherworld Space (Fortune-Telling House, A Link to the Past)
71. Otherworld Hell (Vaati's Theme, Minish Cap)
72. Otherworld Snow (Temple of Droplets, Minish Cap)
73. Otherworld Corruption (Deepwood Shrine, Minish Cap)
74. Otherworld Underground Corruption (Sanctuary Dungeon, A Link to the Past)
75. Otherworld Crimson (Royal Valley, Minish Cap)
76. Otherworld Undeground Crimson (Sanctuary Dungeon, A Link to the Past)
77. Otherworld Underground Snow (Temple of Droplets, Minish Cap)
78. Otherworld Underground Hallow (Elemental Sanctuary, Minish Cap)
79. Otherworld Eerie (Ganon's Message, A Link to the Past)
80. Otherworld Boss 2 (Battle With Ganon, A Link to the Past)
81. Otherworld Boss 1 (Boss ~BGM~, A Link to the Past)
82. Otherworld Invasion (The Soldiers of Kakariko Village, A Link to the Past)
83. Otherworld Lunar Event (Opening Demo, A Link to the Past)
84. Otherworld Moon Lord (Vaati's Wrath, Minish Cap)
85. Otherworld Plantera (Miniboss, Minish Cap)
86. Otherworld Jungle (Forest, A Link to the Past)
87. Otherworld Wall of Flesh (Boss, Minish Cap)
88. Otherworld Hallow (Crystal, A Link to the Past)
89. Journey's End - Credits (Staff Credits, Wind Waker)

Download: 117.9 MB file on MEGA
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