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PC Ways to run Terraria in the background?

As a returning player I remember it was possible to minimize the game without pausing it by clicking the Terraria taskbar icon, but on the newest version this no longer seems to work. Is there any other way of doing this? I know I could use multiplayer but that's inconvenient in a different way since I can't pause at all. Why exactly would the option to minimize the game without pausing be removed? What's the point of that?


Staff member
May I ask why you would need to do this? At least to me, it's more convenient to have the game pause if you need to tab out to look something up or respond to a message.
I agree pausing is useful (hence why I don't like multiplayer as a solution) but there's still cases where I want minimized unpaused. Maybe I want to AFK a farm while I do something else on my PC. Maybe I don't feel like staring at a 15 second death timer. Maybe I want to fight a boss/buy an item exclusive to night. Have you never wanted in game time to pass while you do something else, ever?

I'm not saying this is a 100% essential feature, I know there are in-game remedies to some of these annoyances. What I don't understand is why the previous situation of being able to choose minimized paused or unpaused needed to be changed by removing an option. Anyway, by the sounds of your reply I'm out of luck.
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