Important We are phasing out the Social Group feature on TCF

Discussion in 'Community News & Features' started by Tunnel King, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Purple Cat King

    Purple Cat King Skeletron

    Even though it's sad to see the social groups feature going it's nice to see the forum growing. Yay
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  2. Super Shides

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    Wait, Is This Why You Couldn't Upload Images A Little While Back?
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  3. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    That's part of the features that are breaking down currently. It isn't directly correlated to the Social Groups being present, but we cannot upgrade the Forum software to a newer version because the Social Groups are not supported in later versions of XF. Once we make the move to remove Social Groups, it will be possible to upgrade to a newer version of XF.
  4. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    *sniff* i will remmeber this day.... I *sniff* Pokeclub... No....
  5. What will happen to the RP archives?
  6. Charmander27

    Charmander27 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    They will be gone as well, back up anything you need while you can. Any threads there haven't really been used much in quite some time.
  7. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    Heres how to make an archive easily (from what I know) But I never made one before.

    1: Find a way to copy all threads in to multiple backup files usually on a sd card or usb drive, just to back up the files.
    2: Make sure you have a friend that can convert files into buttons leading you to a to a mini "thread" such as a list saying what user said what.
    3: Remember 1? Ok. Archives can be easily hackable without certain website protection, so make sure you can back up the files, AND make a website.
    4: If you can, try contacting the members of the miiverse archive, they can help you insanely. Thats how you would make an archive easily.

    Bonus tip: If you can, get avast antivirus for your website, it MIGHT help protect against archive attacks with viruses, ALWAYS REMEMBER NUMBER 1!!!
  8. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora Brain of Cthulhu

    Can we also make a subforum for lore? I have a group for lore, and I'd like if it became a subforum.
  9. Alamandra Vonn Pravus

    Alamandra Vonn Pravus Skeletron Prime

    it's been a great time boys. farewell, social forums.
  10. GAMINGPEA_64

    GAMINGPEA_64 Skeletron

    Im gonna miss the social forums. ;(
  11. Orifan1

    Orifan1 Eye of Cthulhu

    me too, man. me too.
  12. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Terrarian

    I guess it comes down to:
    Would you rather remove one feature of the site?
    Or potentially lose the entire site, from varies causes of using very out of date systems?

    I didn't use this feature, it was long before my time, but I can sympathize with those it grew up with it here. My condolences.
  13. World's biggest...

    World's biggest... Skeletron

    Shame to see them go, but I agree with what's being done. Excited for possible improvements to the forum software in the future!
    Edit: I nearly forgot...

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  14. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    There are some new changes to the forum index page that you may have noticed. These changes have been made to accommodate new homes for some of the larger, most active social groups.

    A new Social category block will be the most noticeable change. Here you will find the familiar sections for Introductions, Quick Hookup, and Trading that we had before, just relocated on the page. A new addition will be the the new home of the AMA social group.

    The new home for T-MEC is with the Terraria Guides. We tried a few different locations and this seemed the best fit to us.

    A new section in the PC Town Square called Dedicated Servers will be the new home for the actual server groups from Terraria Clans & Server Groups. If you remember how things were set up on TerrariaOnline for this, it's pretty much the same as that.

    Adult Swim will become Mature Discussions under Off Topic. The same basic rules will apply in the new section - serious, respectful discussion about serious topics. There is no longer a way to 'opt in' (or out) as there was with the social group as of now, but perhaps with future forum software updates we may find a way to do that.

    Forum Roleplay will also be moving to Off Topic. If existing roleplay social groups can be readily reorganized to move to a one- or two-thread system, we will be happy to move them for you. Otherwise, we invite you start new roleplays there.

    These new sections will be opening for general posting soon. We will be contacting people very soon about how and where (and in some cases, whether) we will migrate their content to appropriate sections.
  15. Orifan1

    Orifan1 Eye of Cthulhu

    so... why can i not post a thread in the AMA section?
  16. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    Currently most likely because regular users don't have the permissions to be allowed to create a thread there.

    As Tunnel said, it will be available soon. I imagine the Staff has some things here and there to work out before opening it up. I'm sure he'll give us another update when it's open for business.
  17. Charmander27

    Charmander27 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I am starting a request process to get threads from within existing Social Groups out to their new homes on the forums. If you have a thread or two that you would like moved, you can make a request here.
  18. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    So any thread not requested gets wiped when the plugin is removed and Xenforo updates? Correct?

    If so should we link the request thread and the warning in an announcement pin? Similar to this thread was was announced via alert at the top of the page?

    Sorry if my explanation is garbage, I'm not familiar with the exact terminology.
  19. Charmander27

    Charmander27 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Its highly likely that posts in social groups will be unobtainable and no longer viewable after the update, yes.
  20. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Now it should be open. We prevented new threads from being made while the transition for AMA was happening, but now that it is done, it will be possible to create a new Thread there.
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