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Ok, First off introduction Hellooo.... I am a big fan of Terraria, Which i collect several things in Boss trophies, Boss masks, Weapons And a few Accessories, but the weirdest thing I collect in Terraria is.... Statues, I collect statues, am also i big fan of Doctor who ever since i watched the first few 11th Doctor episodes and has anyone acknowledged these facts?: Angel statues are found in gold chests unlike other statues which are found placed in the world and is quote from the wizard is odd: 'I once tried to bring an angel statue to life... nothing happened..' Doesn't this quote make you think their alive and breathing right under our noses? Well, I have an idea to go with this thoery If an angel statue is out of screen bounds then it'll make its 'screaming' face (a rare chance to happen when statue goes into screen bounds). Now, this doesn't have to be added, It could just be a small reference
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Advice: less on sentimentality, more on the suggestion itself. And a solid wall isn't easy to read through.

For the suggestion itself.... eh. I know there's a :red:load of "useless" stuff in the game, but this feels like a whole different tier of needless to me.
Actually I think this is a cool little idea. The 'Boos' on Mario wouldn't have quite the same charm to them if they didn't hide their faces away when you looked at them and I think this little nod to Doctor Who would also be quite cool. If we didn't have 'useless' additions like this then the game would have less ambience and atmosphere.

The only issue I see is that the 'face' of the angel statue sprite is rather small and it might be a bit tricky to draw a face that would resemble the angels from DW.

Good job though, I hope more people see this idea.
I think you should tone down the screaming from solely 'out of screen boundaries' to just 'not facing the angel'. A Invisibility Potion being the only way of seeing it is too situational for my tastes.
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