Weird cases of world gen

For every mod you download the Dungeon will rise 40 blocks
For every Thorium mod you download you get extra dungeon

WOAH! this is the weirdest world generation i have ever experienced! :eek:
Capture 2018-09-08 10_12_09.png
[a world hole!]
[the dungeon!]
[inside the world hole!]
Capture 2018-09-08 10_21_19.png
[weird crimson cave generation!]
Did your Dungeon Look a bit like this?

I'm on PC with 2 mods, Overhaul and Weaponsout and found my dungeon like this XD
hey! that's the exact same way my dungeon looked! and i'm playing with 11 mods! :eek:
I once got the world's largest underground cabin.

Mine is so large you can't even find the chest

hahahahahahahaha nice sarcasm. :D


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this is 100% LEGIT. no cheat sheet or T-edit whatsoever! I just generated the world with a ton of mods (no cheat sheet) and that world hole was there. I literally fell into it and died like 3 times!-_- I eventually had to build my way across
why were you generating a new world with already the final gear.
also there is a huge lack of bridge.
or modded items
or chance that it is real

EDIT: the dog is also standing on something

EDIT 2: i use tons of mods all the times, and the closest thing ive got is some wierd ocean generation caused by thorium

EDIT 3: there are plenty of seeds online with that dungeon. im not saying your lying for likes, but your lying for likes
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