PC Weird Razorblade Typhoon Glitch

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by NPC#123, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. NPC#123

    NPC#123 Terrarian

    After farming the Golem boss for a while I noticed my razorblade typhoon would rarely shoot the projectile. All other weapons functioned normally and would shoot projectiles so I don't think it was the projectile limit. After rejoining my world it seems to have fixed.

    I have a screen recording in mp4 but don't know what formats are acceptable.
  2. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    If you upload the file to a site like dropbox, I'd be happy to take a look at the video.

    I can't imagine what might have caused the projectile limit to be hit, but it was likely that. Did you have any traps going off constantly?
  3. Heroic peanut

    Heroic peanut Terrarian

    My razorblade typhoon got gliched and now it's a fishing rod but when I use it in water it shoots on blade and works like a fishing bobber
  4. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @Heroic peanut, when this happened were you playing on mobile Terraria? There is a glitch in the current mobile version that happens when you swap your fishing pole with a weapon, save, swap back, and save. To avoid this glitch move your weapons and poles to empty inventory spaces.