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Happy TCF Launch Day Everyone!

Well, after a few months of waiting - coupled with the blood, sweat, and tears of the forum development team – the time has finally arrived to officially open up our new forums to the Terrarian Community! The entire team sincerely hopes that this new location will build upon the solid foundation built over the past few years and foster growth/evolution of the community that was previously impossible – or at least very difficult.

We have tried our best to listen to community feedback – leveraging what worked on TO, fixing what did not, and adding additional features that haven’t been available to Terrarians until now. We are confident that we hit on these goals and look forward to seeing how each of you will react to our work. Just as the 1.2 Update “raised the game” for Terraria, so will the launch of our new site and forums for our community.

A team of passionate and dedicated individuals has worked tirelessly behind the scenes – listening to Community feedback, exploring the available technical/feature options, and aligning to Re-Logic’s vision of things – towards the building of a foundation for our new community. We are absolutely thrilled with how this turned out and feel that we are giving our first Official Community a fantastic beginning!

That said, we know that nothing is ever perfect, so we look forward to working hand-in-hand with our fans to continue to evolve our offerings here on TCF. Ultimately, the community is YOU and this site exists for YOU. As such, we are counting on YOU to continue to tell us what we can do to give each of you the best possible Terraria Community experience possible!

Below you will find some specifics as well as answers to some of the possible questions members of our community may have. We hope this helps make things more clear – and we will make ourselves available to answer any other questions you may have. There is a lot here, but please take the time to read it over; it will help make your stay here far more enjoyable!

As a special TCF launch weekend event, we will be sharing spoilers throughout this weekend - based on how many people sign up on TCF (plus more if we are feeling generous). So sign up, get involved, tell a friend!

Ultimately, TCF is here for you, our dedicated community of fans. None of this would be possible without each of you. We sincerely thank you for your past and ongoing support. We look forward to interacting with you on TCF!

~The Re-Logic Team

  • Skiphs: Lead Developer of Terraria Community Forums
  • Crowno: Lead Artist of Terraria Community Forums
  • Jeckel/Nike/Marcus/Tunnel King/Aeroblop: Advice, Editing, and Sectional Rules Leadership
  • Kelp: Formatting Expertise & Testing of Core Features
  • Suika: Testing of Art & Image features
  • TCF Guinea Pigs (Beta Testers)
... and YOU, the Terrarian Community! Without your ideas and support, neither TCF nor Terraria would be what it is today.



Terraria Community Forums – Key Questions

Launch Day - Getting Started

Terraria Online Transfers

If you have an account that you transferred from TO, you should have already received instructions on how to access that account. The majority of the account set-up is the same as it was on TO, with a few optional new features. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to a TCF Staff Team Member.


New Members (non-TO)

If you are new to Xenforo/the Terrarian Community, the sign-up process is pretty straight-forward – simply click the “Log In or Sign Up” button in the upper right corner to get started! For further details, please check out the Account Set-up & Management section of the TCF User Guide.


New Features, Rules, & Staffing

How does everything work here – new features, rules,etc?

Most of our features will be familiar to anyone experienced with Xenforo-based forums. However, the team has developed the TCF User Guide to help our members with any issues they may encounter. The guide is split into sections by topic, and is easily navigated through a linked Table of Contents for each section. Keep in mind that this is written with the assumption that the reader is NOT familiar at all with Xenforo... so be kind on how basic it may seem to you. :)

The Guide is available within the Community Resources Section and via the link below.


TCF Rules

The general Rules and approach to that side of things borrows heavily from TO, but with a much greater focus on creating a respectful culture versus a laundry list of very specific rules. There are some areas where the "letter of the law” is needed – but what is most important is the spirit of that law. Before you get started, everyone is expected to have read and to understand the TCF Rules. Please do not assume “similar” to TO means “the same as TO”.

Of course, should mistakes occur, we have a robust appeals and peer review process. Any larger issues with Staff actions can be raised to the Administrative team. Again, if there are any questions here, reach out to a TCF Staff Team Member.

Further details on all of this can be found in the appropriate section of the TCF User Guide.


TCF Staff Team

Our Staff Team at launch is a mix of familiar faces and new blood. We felt it was important to strike this balance as well as to cover some gaps we felt existed in the team – both in terms of time coverage and in bringing on members with a better sense for the nuances of the Console/Mobile communities.

Each of our Staff Team Members is here for you and to serve the community – to make your TCF experience as amazing as possible – and are held to a set of expectations. Please never hesitate to reach out to any of them with questions/concerns/issues.

Community Feedback & Evolution

Future Evolution of TCF

Our full intention is to keep TCF updated with the latest and greatest technology and to provide creative and immersive experiences to our Community. Your feedback is critical to that process, and we have an entire Feedback section dedicated to these conversations. Please use this early and often – we are listening!

In regards to the status of a few things and plans over the immediate future:
  • We plan to reinstate regular community features – so get your amazing art/literature/creations/etc. ready for display! Transfers from TO are perfectly fine for starters... but they must be located here first. ;)
  • We are exploring an array of regular contests and community challenges – stay tuned on that front!
  • The Titles/Trophies system is admittedly quite basic at this point. We decided to go with an MMO-style model versus a “points” system. The general idea is to build around Terraria mobs and NPCs – with Trophies unlocking associated Titles. Members can select to display any title that they have unlocked.

We would very much like Community feedback immediately on how to evolve this to best meet your needs. Please note that site-wide Custom Titles will not be an option. There may be the possibility of earning them via contests, etc.
  • Several features are new. As such, we had to make our best estimate as to what the community would desire with these. Your feedback – what works, what doesn’t, what is missing, what can be removed, etc – will be especially important here.
  • We ask for your patience in advance for any bugs that you may encounter. TCF was beta tested thoroughly by a dedicated team of volunteers, but it’s always possible that we missed something. Rest assured, we will fix any issues ASAP!

Background & Key Information about Terraria Community Forums

Why is this move being made?
  • We are transitioning to a new official community for a few reasons. First, as Re-Logic continues to expand – both in the Terraria space as well as beyond – we felt it would be best to have a level of consistency and integration that would just not be possible on third party sites.
  • Secondarily, we believe that our community needs to be able to grow and evolve – just as the game itself has. We feel that having direct control over this will allow for a more flexible and community-friendly environment.

So, how will the Terraria Community Forums be different than Terraria Online?
  • It would be impractical – and less fun – to list out everything here. We will leave a lot of the details for you to discover as you explore the new community. That said, some of the bigger items of note are listed below.
    • TCF utilizes the latest versions of Xenforo and associated plugins
    • Terraria-focused experience that includes your choice of multiple biome-inspired visual themes.
    • Community Social Groups that will allow clans, server owners, and everyone else to have a more robust group experience
    • Steam Integration
    • Numerous Community-requested tweaks and features, including anchors and additional Profile options.
  • Most everything else will remain similar – though with slightly different rules, processes, and the like. As you gain experience with TCF, please take some time to check these out – don’t assume everything is the same as TO!
  • To help with the navigation and use of the new features (and existing ones), we have created a fully linked and navigable User Guide.
  • Importantly, we plan to continue to evolve our site in alignment with the needs of the Community. This includes – but is not limited to – keeping our software up-to-date and listening to your feedback.

Transition from Terraria Online to Terraria Community Forums

What will I be able to transfer from TO over to TCF?
  • Account transfers (Names Only) were offered over the past several weeks to existing TO members. This window has now closed.
  • Trophies, Trophy Points, Posts/Likes, and Titles will *NOT* transfer to TCF.
  • Custom Title holders from TO will need to contact Loki to request their one-time custom title.
  • We will not be proactively transferring any threads or content over from Terraria Online. TCF members are free to move over any posts/threads that they wish on their own. Please insure that anything you move is in alignment with the rules and expectations of TCF.

What will happen to Terraria Online?
  • The future of TO is really up to the Community and Curse. We certainly hope it continues to exist as an unofficial fansite – particularly with all of the rich and wonderful content that exists across the greater than 2.5 million posts on TO.
  • Of course, we cannot guarantee anything one way or the other – in full transparency.
  • The choice of what communities in which someone wants to be involved in is a personal one. We certainly hope most Terrarians will feel at home on TCF, but we will never undercut our wonderful existing communities... Plus, you can always join both! :)

Future Plans – What’s Next?

You mentioned “beyond Terraria” before. What do you mean and how does that intersect with this move?
  • As we have noted (and shown), Re-Logic has a vision for the future that is not only inclusive of the Terraria franchise, but also of other potential games. This may include publishing relationships – like Pixel Piracy – and/or other Re-Logic-developed properties.
  • Our desire is to provide our customers a consistent and integrated experience in our communities. This means you will likely see a lot of common elements as additional communities launch as well as the likelihood of cross-community accounts.
  • Obviously, a lot of the details here are TBD, but we wanted to insure everyone knows we are thinking ahead in all of this!

This all sounds great – but what can you tell me about Terraria 1.3?
  • You will be able to follow the progress of Terraria (1.3 and beyond) properties here.
  • That said, the Dev team has been hard at work over the past several weeks since Crowno’s spoiler, and we certainly plan to provide a more steady stream of news across the Terraria universe here... so everyone should keep a close eye on both and TCF this weekend. ;)
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Sweet! I'll be sure to stop by here frequently to see whats going on, and maybe for any spoilers as well. Maybe.

Either way, it looks great, and I can't wait to see what else there is to mess with here.


I'm so glad this is finally up. No emoticons yet...? OH! Oooh. ;o)


I see.

I just figured out how to set my style thing. I choooooose... SNOW!
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Evelyn Marie

Love the new forums. They are awesome, and beautiful. The new forums has a much better theme than Terraria Online in my opinion. And luckily I was one of the people who pre-registered, so I already have an account. Hopefully the new forums become just as popular as Terraria Online. Too bad you guys weren't able to import the data from Terraria Online such as existing threads and posts, as well as account data, but oh well. I love these new forums anyway! Great job Loki and the rest of the TCF team.
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