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What’s the Rarest item you ever obtained?


Skeletron Prime
Back in the day when Banners were a random drop instead of 1 each 50 kills,

I got a Nymph banner on the first kill on a TShock server and threw it away, not knowing its rarity...
[doublepost=1533991231,1533991146][/doublepost]I bet none of you have dropped a Bezoar out of a Steampunker, back when Moss Hornets were supposed to drop them!
I didn't either, but just pointing out that this was possible.

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
I’ve gotten most of the rare items except for the Slime Staff and Nymph Banner, but I got the Rod if Discord on complete accident, and I got the Coin Gun on my second Pirate Invasion.


Me, before going to Terraria School.

Imma harvest some Glowing Mushrooms~
A new challenger has appeared!
: Time to dieeeeee!
Drops a Nymph Banner
Nah, just a normal banner. Bye-bye banner!

One day later...

My friend:
Do you know the rarest item in Terraria?
Me: No, what?
My friend: Nymph Banners.
Me: :eek:

So yes, I forgot that I ever got a Nymph Banner (But threw it away sadly).


I believe my Arkhalis. I am still struggling with the Angler to give my the weather radio on the ps4. Been fishing for a month for it now and still nothing. Just need that to male the cellphone. Of anyone wishes to trade with me so I can obtain a weather radio. I would highly appreciate it. My ps4 is McBain_87 the player name should probably be Burritos Diamond.
But the arkhalis is the rarest item I have.


I once got a Rod of Discord after killing my first Choas Elemental, and I also got two Arkhalises in the same world once.

But the item I had to farm the most for so far is the Honeyed Goggles. That was back when the droprate was way lower, I had to kill 126 Queen Bees to get it. It was quite annoying.

Apart from banners, the only quite rare item I've yet to legitimately get is the Brain Scrambler. I have absolutely no luck with it.


Eye of Cthulhu
Slime staves
The axe (i use it till now just because of its sounds`:p)
Ankh shield
Some sparky paintings (but propably not so rare now)
Enchanted sundial

I literally never got RoD
Edit: Yaay I got it!
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Brain of Cthulhu
I got Reindeer Bells last week. :)
Most rare items can be farmed or there is a specific location to try and look for them. But this item has been giving me trouble since and it's taken this long (playing the game on and off) to get one!
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