What Accessories do you Love but Never have Enough Room to Equip them?

The Flaming Crown

Skeletron Prime
The title really explains everything. What Accessories do you love but never have enough room to equip them? Please give a reason. As for me, I like the Lava Waders, Lucky Coin, and Moon Shell.
Lava Waders: Because they give a very cool effect & are helpful
Lucky Coin: Because I like killing Duke Fishron and having it rain money
Moon Shell: They Prevent me from drowning
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Party Girl
Fart in a Balloon...because...reasons. Still waiting for it to be added to the Bundle of Balloons allowing for ALL THE JUMPS!


I'd like to equip Fire Gauntlet and Magic Quiver, but I don't wanna give anything up from my current set up..
I wish you could make Frostspark Boots with double jump so I could give up my balloon bundle.


hmm, lucky coin so it rains money, discount card so i wont need to put it on when buying and of when fighting. then the bundle of ballons cuz jumping then flying is fun, and i guess i also like using frostspark boots but i usually go for either damage or star veil.


Official Terrarian
Discount card. It's useless when not buying things and that means I keep it in chests. I forget about it when buying stuff (like everyone)

Why put it in your chest (which you probably rarely open) when you can equip it in your accessory vanity (which is on pause menu which you probabl commonly open)


All my characters carry a Yellow Horseshoe Balloon, Moonshell or Arctic Diving Gear (differs per character), Lava Waders and a Discount Card on them.
Almost all my characters also have Master Ninja Gear in their piggy bank. So all those items I guess.

Please give a reason... Well, kinda obvious. All these items are useful, but not useful enough to permanently equip them. :)


Eater of Worlds
My warding cloud in a bottle because double jump.
Obsidian Skull because Hellstone equals fail.


My warding cloud in a bottle because double jump.
Obsidian Skull because Hellstone equals fail.
you could upgrade thoose
cloud in a bottle + ballon = cloud in a ballon
obsidian skull + cobalt shield = obsidian shield.
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