What are the chances of a blood moon and a slime rain IN the same night?

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  1. OoofusTerraDoi

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    So i've was near my base doing stuff when suddenly I see in chat "Slime is falling from the sky" (I think thats the message, if not correct me!). As it was 7 PM is said "Cool, I can fight slime king during night" The second as the moon risen it said "A blood moon is rising". I then fought blood moon monsters AND king slime (and lost obviously (im pre-hardmode :kingslime:)). I just wanna know what are the chances that that happened?
  2. Shackled_Rosati

    Shackled_Rosati Terrarian

    I had a goblin invasion and a slime rain at the same time and I am also Pre-hardmode so based on that I'm gonna guess pretty good.
  3. sharkman0101

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    A Blood Moon has a 1/9 chance of occuring every night. A slime rain has about a 1/20(doubled if first time, reduced in hardmode) chance of happening every day. So if we multiply these numbers together, it has about a 1/180 chance of occuring (or a 1/90 chance of occuring).
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  4. OoofusTerraDoi

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  5. vonvon

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    I got a goblin invasion and a blood moon at the same time xd.