What biome is your favourite to build your base/house in?

i usually build in either snow, forest or living wood trees (i know they are a part of the forest but when i build in the forest i build from start).
id love to build in the ocean, but its impractical since it doubles the distance to the other side. and im lazy, so i usually dont build there.
Favorite biome in general: jungle. To build my own house in: living tree. To build my village in: forest, a flat area.
I mostly find myself building homes on evil biomes
Since its allowed on mobile :p
Because of the music and the nice backgrounds :>
-The soundtrack is nice.
-Slimes are common there and they drop slime for torches
-Demon Eyes spawn during the night and drop lenses to make Suspicious Looking Eyes
Hmm... Usually the world tree or forest biome, however I tend to build where and what I feel like at the moment. I like making sprawling kingdom along the surface. So basically any biome that I can get on the surface, minus the crimson. I do smaller building things underground, although tend to make the underground look like it was a mine with wood, stone, beams, platforms, rope, and various things all over the place.

Build when needed like when I make for jungle armor I will have a house with a bed in the underground jungle so I can go from there. Even in the corruption I would build somewhere along the surface so I can just drop down one of the shafts. Then an ocean house made so I can somewhat farm sharks and sea life to a degree. It really just depends on what i feel like build and what kind of inspiration I get from the terrain itself as I just work with the terrain.

Overall my base is not just one simple spot, it is the entire map along the surface; maybe even having 1 or 2 central locations for major storage with minor ones here and there. :)
For me, it's always kinda specific.
I always build my main base at the midpoint between the jungle and the initial spawn point, regardless of biome. If it's corrupted I just blow it all up and fill in the gaps.
However, I do like basing my build around a Living Tree if possible.
There's nothing superior to a Shinto-styled Dynasty Wood house in a forest. Preferably on a bit of flying ground (so that those damn Wraith's can't get to you).
Forest has always been my favourite place to build. Simply because it doesn't offer much rivalry in the Early game so I can just build in peace. It won't be that good looking, but simple enough for early stuff. Once Hardcore comes online though, I straight up blow up my base and make a more convenient and good-looking one.

Other places I'd like to build would probably be Underground/Near surface of the Ice biome or in a Giant tree.
sometimes i also build in the ice biome beucause the merchant will sell MARSHMALLOWS!!!!
and the music is pretty nice, so yea.
I personally love building in the sky, though dealing with Wyverns generally deters me from building all that high up. In lieu of that, I like building in Hallow, floating, but low enough for it not to count as "Sky". ^.=.^ To be honest, I would build all of my homes in underground hallow if not for Wraiths, Chaos Elementals, and the like. :p (On which note, if anyone has good solutions to those mobs to share, I would love you forever. XD )
Since I enjoy the elements of water/ice, I normally enjoy building at or near the ice biome. The other reason is that the loot and drops in the Ice biome are pretty powerful for both normalmode and hardmode. Even though the Jungle overall offers better treasure, the Ice biome is easier to explore in early normalmode and hardmode.
Either the Jungle or the Ocean. I can't decide which I like more. Only problem with the Jungle is that it's full of annoying enemies which requires you to move some NPCs in there to get rid of them permanently. Both have pretty good music, too.
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