What Combat Type (melee, ranged, magic, or ranged) Do you use and Why?

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  1. Dolman

    Dolman Terrarian

    I use melee, because yo-yos. So fun to use, that's really it.
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  2. New Pine Gamer

    New Pine Gamer Skeletron Prime

    I'm classless generally. Just throw what ever i have and due to pauses when you have inventory open I can swap armours. Just my 1 cent. Also you can get mods to change the titpe by self-reporting the thread and asking for a title change.
  3. I use all classes
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  4. waydawiz711

    waydawiz711 Skeletron

    Magic because it was the first class I ever played, so I m permanently a Mage now. It is also fun to kill bosses with magik thingz.
  5. Kaladin78

    Kaladin78 Eye of Cthulhu

    Mana flower and 75+ mana potions, and it never runs out. Dedicated mage to the end.
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    Especially razorblade typhoon. So OP.
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  6. waydawiz711

    waydawiz711 Skeletron

    Last prism is op and very fun
  7. Kaladin78

    Kaladin78 Eye of Cthulhu

    Too bad i play on mobile.
  8. Avamaco

    Avamaco Eye of Cthulhu

    I like mage for big variety of weapons, some strong combos and really interesting mechanics.
  9. Kaladin78

    Kaladin78 Eye of Cthulhu

    Mage is my baby.
  10. Electroman102

    Electroman102 The Destroyer

    I don’t really stick to one class, but ranged is my favorite.
  11. Isolated Egg

    Isolated Egg Terrarian

    Magic. I just like how unique they can be.
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  12. Da_Robin

    Da_Robin Skeletron Prime

    Can it be mixed? i dunno. I just get mixed up with all the weapons .w. but for the most part I'm a melee type owo
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  13. Kaladin78

    Kaladin78 Eye of Cthulhu

    It's not just your weapons that determine it, its also your armor and accessories.
  14. Da_Robin

    Da_Robin Skeletron Prime

    oh. well then I guess you could say I'm a mix of melee / summoner / range I guess? I tend to use melee, range and summoner weapons; at certain times I switch between the solar armor and stardust armor.
  15. Blackdragon929

    Blackdragon929 Terrarian

    Summomer gear with yoyo:nymph:
    Just hide in a shelter with Minions outside your Chamber and Play your yoyo from 1 block hole ini your shelter
  16. Loltak

    Loltak Terrarian

    Mostly melee, I found that easier below the surface, especially equip with a pass though block weapon like solar eruption.
    However in my current play I started with ranger before the switch because I like that class
  17. Kaladin78

    Kaladin78 Eye of Cthulhu

    Huh, i will admit that as an early-game summoner, I switch between melee and summoner. Just because there is no early-game summoner stuff.
  18. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Official Terrarian

    Early game, I tend to take spears. I look for a trident if possible. They're not that weak, and the double-hit is pretty useful for keeping foes at bay.

    When I get a weapon that uses bullets and the Arms Dealer comes in, I immediately switch to the Minishark and tend to remain with it for the bulk of the game until I can get a Megashark, making Crystal / Ichor Bullets in Hardmode to supplement the damage. I'm a really big fan of leading my targets. It's a ton of fun.

    Eventually I upgrade to the Onyx Shotgun thingy, which I absolutely love. (It's also a lot of fun with the dual-wielding mod! :D )
    I still have melee weapons in stock though.So I'm roughly 70% ranged, 25% melee, 5% whatever.
  19. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Brain of Cthulhu

    im really a mix between melee and ranged. i got stuff for both. i dunno, i guess i really like the Megashark. I mean, that thing can take down the moon lord. and the tera blade IS really good. And I like yoyos (though the only one i have used so far is wooden. need to find more yoyos)
  20. Green Marks

    Green Marks Terrarian

    I normally play as a summoner. Despite the low armor not having to aim attacks makes its so much easier to dodge.