What Defines A God in the Calamity Universe?

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    What exactly is a god in the Calamity Universe? In a fantasy setting, my personal definition of a god is a being of power far exceeding what is considered to be normal in that universe. However, this clearly isn't the case for Calamity, as the Slime God is considered a god, and yet SCal isn't.

    Another idea I had is that perhaps it's a being with dominion over something specific. This seems to match up with the majority of bosses defined as gods: Slime God, Astrum Deus, and Providence. However, there are some problems with this one. Again, this problem is with SCal, who uses brimstone and hellfire in combat. She is, by far, the strongest being with this affinity for them--yet she still isn't considered the god of either. It is a possibility that you can't ascend to a god; you have to be born one, which would rule out SCal, making the theory plausible.

    If anybody has any ideas, or has some lore that disproves anything I just stated, discuss it below--I'm very curious as to what the answer to this question is.
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  2. Animus Viral

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    Now my theory of what would define a god would be similar with the concept of Elements, a category of objects in a roleplay I'm in.

    Elements have latent power that stored within them, which defines them as Elements, however, most of the Elements cannot access this latent power. i.e. Portal 1 + 2 Cake.(Yes, that's an Element in the RP, don't question it.) I assume it would be a similar case with the gods, having a latent power that sets them aside from normal beings. So my definition of a god would be a few beings who have this latent power stored within them. Calamitas wasn't born with this latent power, so that would explain why she isn't a god, and the same case with every other character that isn't a god.

    Basically, a god is a god because they are tagged by a special power. That's my definition at least.
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    A few more can be added, being victims of the DOG. At least a few have got to be gods for him to get the title of Devourer of Gods, no?