What do you guys think of the new Twins theme?

Do you like the new theme?

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    Votes: 28 75.7%
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So if you don't know, the Re-Logic Youtube account uploaded a video recently and it's a new theme for The Twins, I'd like to know what everyone thinks of it, personally I think it's great!

(Quick note, I think the Brain of Cthulhu relic is resprited? Can't really tell.)
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I love it and it has both that mechanical and frantic aspect, but does this make Boss 2 exclusive to the Wall of Flesh? And will the other Mech Bosses have their themes change? I’d love a Boss 1 remix for Skeletron Prime, but Boss 3 fits Destroyer perfectly so it’s hard to imagine Destroyer without it
I'm actually not too fond of it, but I still see it as a victory. If you aren't currently aware, you cannot change individual boss tracks with resource packs, only the file itself. If you wanted to change the Twins' track before now, it would also change the Wall of Flesh's track; you either changed both or you changed neither.

But now that the Twins and Wall of Flesh use separate audio tracks, you can change both individually, so even though I'm not a huge fan of the song itself, I can now easily change it to something I  do like without changing WoF's too!
I have mixed opinions on the new theme. On the on hand it might fit the boss more. On the other I feel like boss 2 has became iconic for the twins and might hurt the fight
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