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What Do YOU Think Is The WORST Terraria Sword?

What Is The Worst Terraria "Sword" In The Game?

  • Broken Copper Shortsword

  • Wooden Yoyo

  • Annoying Spear

  • Broken Wooden Hammer

  • Sluggish Bladed Glove

  • Wood With A Magma Stone Accessory Equipped!

  • Terrible Classy Cane

  • Awful Wooden Bow

  • Ignorant Waterbolt

  • Dull Terra Blade (Just cause')

  • Damaged Stylish Scissors

  • Wand Of Sparking

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Worst weapon?

What have you been trying to do, kill Moon Lord with it?

It's a brilliant starter weapon, good for killing the surface day time mobs you are expected to fight with it and is completely usable with only 20 mana.

I would label the Pearl wood sword to be the worst sword available. It's on-par with the lead sword, but requires you to kill the Wall of Flesh and brave the Hallow.


I think the punpking blade is honestly the worst. It's a pitiful weapon compared to how hard it is to get.
Umm m8 u should watch joe price (dicemanx) on youtube. He got to the final wave of the frost moon at around 11pm with the 'pitiful' sword you are referring to.
[DOUBLEPOST=1450530287,1450530207][/DOUBLEPOST]Soz for the double post my ipod was being a bit slow


A lot of the choices available are pretty weird/bad/not even swords, but I'd say the Christmas Sword over any of these. For the point at which you get it, it's just underpowered, especially since Martian Madness gives us a sidegrade to the Terra Blade. If it had some kind of glass shrapnel for an AOE attack, it'd be a lot better.


Bronze scimitar.
I swear, all those level 10s trying to take me down with them in wildy, it's pretty damn annoying. My dragon scimitar's seen more use than any other weapon I've ever used. Wait, wrong game.

I'd say the tin broadsword.
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