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Casual What does a person's avatar mean to you?

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
The idea here is simple enough. First impressions are a big deal when meeting new people, so I wanted to ask:
What does a person's avatar mean to you? What kind of impressions do different avatars leave on you?

And, in the reverse;
What kind of impression are you trying to leave with your current avatar?

I'll throw my two cents in a comment if this ball gets rolling.


I think an avatar should depict the personality or thoughts of a person. If someone has a dank meme.jpg as their profile picture, then it might mean they're into that sort of thing. Same goes for video game avatars, and everything else like that. With my avatar, I only browsed through pixeljoint for a couple seconds, but I'd like to think it shows that I am an evil monster casting dark magic.


Eye of Cthulhu
To be honest, the only thing someone's avatar does for me is to give me something to visualize when I read that person's post.

As for the impression I'm trying to leave? I don't care what impression my avatars leave, I just like using what avatars I use.


Ice Queen
It gives me an idea of what the person is interested in. For example, a minecraft avatar means they like minecraft. As for myself, i just use pictures i like from places i like, such as neopets.

Hie the Badger

The Destroyer
Throw in your two cents now.

Mine is one of my power animals. I just assume other people throw in what matches their personality or what makes them happy, or their ideal fashion.
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