1. NooblordDennis

    NooblordDennis Headless Horseman

    Mine looks like this
    My character.png
    Vanity slots:
    Steampunk shirt
    Treasure hunter pants(dyed black)
    What does your character look like?
  2. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    He wears a jetpack if he's flying.
  3. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    Hell yeah!

    and stand alone sprite [​IMG]
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  4. Mic.

    Mic. Terrarian

    I went for a sort-of frost mage
  5. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    I'll add a picture later but I wear
    Leaf wings
    Bee shirt and bee pants
    That's it no dye :p
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  6. KaiserYoshi

    KaiserYoshi Steampunker

  7. NooblordDennis

    NooblordDennis Headless Horseman

    Holy rainbow batman!
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  8. TimeyMarey007

    TimeyMarey007 Skeletron Prime

    Terraria character.png
    Sorry for the quite low visibility. Photo taken in space.
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  9. Infinity Mage

    Infinity Mage Terrarian

    Taken at night, can't tell the details. :dryadwhat:
  10. Patrikk

    Patrikk Terrarian

    Sticking at this for now:
  11. Techtonis

    Techtonis Steampunker

    This. 2014-09-28_00003.jpg
  12. NooblordDennis

    NooblordDennis Headless Horseman

  13. Techtonis

    Techtonis Steampunker

    It's usually a mess... My main character is on xbox as I am not really great at PC, and I thought that it would be easier to take the picture on PC. So I used a mod to get the stuff. You may notice that I do not have any post stuff.:)
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  14. Forever Alone Drone

    Forever Alone Drone Headless Horseman

    Here's little ol' me:
  15. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

  16. Magnaturro

    Magnaturro Plantera

    Maybe i'll post the other one later.
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  17. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    Here it is!
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  18. Dre

    Dre Eye of Cthulhu

    Mr. Dre here
  19. 4chan

    4chan Golem

    I lose my characters a lot, and I haven't played on this one for around a month.