What does your house look like?


I've started again with a legit account this time, as I've usually just cheated my items in for the longest time, or been on a multiplayer server.


As you can tell from my armour, my house is pretty unfinished and not as big and nice as I'd like it to be. I've used a bit of paint to add some brown parts to the green accents in the furniture (you can see this best in the painter's room) and the ropes are supposed to represent vines. I also have a kind of "dock" for future fishing tasks, not had a chance to actually do fishing, as I've not played in the update with fishing...

When I get the materials, I'll be creating my own custom tree-styled house, instead of just building in and around a tree, but so far, I like how it is for now.


My house is a castle >.<. And you should know how much work it was just uploading this. 18 different screenshots...

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