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What HAVEN'T you done in Terraria yet?


I've yet to acquire every vanity item. I'm still missing the Halloween and Christmas vanity. I've also yet to get to wave 20 in the Frost Moon (I got to wave 19 with a blizzard staff and no traps. Sadly, the world I did this on got corrupted and my computer was fried, so I still need to beat the Moons again).

I haven't collected every animal, bug, pet and mount yet.

I haven't gotten The Axe from Plantera.

I haven't gotten every boss trophy and mask yet. I'm missing the Ice Queen, Everscream, Santank and Pumpking.

I haven't spent as much time as I want to making my world neat and a place I can do whatever I want. There's still those add bits of terrain you get stuck on. :c

I've also never done a Hardcore playthrough, and I refuse to ever do a Mediumcore playthrough.
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I spend most of my time now building stuff, art, houses and whatever. I think it's all I've really done since the Frost Moon update. So I haven't done any of the Frost Moon or fought Duke Fishron. I think I'm close to all armors and weapons though, and I'm still trying for the painting and statues. I just love the exploration and collecting a little too much for my own good.


A solar eclipse has never occurred in my 1.2 world since the release of 1.2!!! 50+ hrs and still none! ;(
Solar Eclipses are fun 1, maybe 2 times, then it's just like "oh god, let's just afk 15min on a safe place" and when you get a Blood Moon right after you just want to ragequit but you know you will have to beat it anyway.


Yeah once you get all the materials from it, the Eclipse kinda turns into a drag.[DOUBLEPOST=1412702410][/DOUBLEPOST]
Make an extensive teleporter network and rail network.
I forgot that there's rails now! :0
I've done a teleporting network, but rails sound so cool, I guess I have something to do now...


Headless Horseman
Do you want to taunt me and make me go bananarangs all over your house?
Because that's how you taunt me and make me go bananarangs all over your house.
I've gotten three slime staves.
I tried today, but I haven't been able to beat Duke Fishron without using a teleporter escape system.
I got close though.


Excluding gamemodes and only including singleplayer playthroughs of the world by my self
I have never:
-Played in mediumcore or hardcore
-Obtained a Unicorn on a Stick (Uzi? Whoopie Cushion? The Axe? pleaseee. I have 2 or more of each.... but this item....)
-Gotten over 200 platinum (Current count: 154)
-Fully finished every armor set (Missing one of the beetle sets, 2 of the shroomite sets, and a f****** Redigit's Hat)
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