Sprites what if my ideas come true; corruption(and later on the crimson) renewed, buffed and overhauled!

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How hard it is the NEW corruption?

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  2. Not changed

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  3. Challenging(a.k.a now it's on!)

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  4. Arbetuarly hard(a.k.a. I suck at this)

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  1. kerembarsbey

    kerembarsbey Official Terrarian

    This is imagined with thorium, calamity, spirit, joost & many other mods along with calamity texture pack and Bry-Centric's old gen console buffed & repurposed suggestion; why did I say that? Because these ideas are only happen only in my mind and not only that, some of that been copyrighted or under the creative common service and plagurising is olso unaccepted from me and every single community(and even from GOD/ALLAH) so there for; this will never and ever happen in real life but you can use it in your imaginations. And their respective owners also got credited in respective mods and calamity texture pack and special thanks to Bry-Centric for existance of his magnificent suggestion. So don't even try to make this into reality!
    So why am I doing this even it's not possible? Because sharing impossible ideas is fun. Since everyone is bored of corruption's(and crimson's) easy difficulty and even with mods and expert or revengeance modes; with enough of mastering, they are still managable but with this idea; corruption then later on the crimson; is no longer easy and no longer passed with ease. It's just like LoZ:BotW concept; you will take your time, get focused and stay determined(man of culture talks here).
    So please, read the this disclaimer for avoiding the copyright and creative commons confusion as I stated and besides I'm not only just put their sprites; I've olso edited and made my own sprites here and there too so I'm not lazy too... wohoo!

    Ohhhh boy! It's been a while since I posted isn't it? But if you read the this disclaimer above then we are cool and you guessed it... we will covering new mod-supported(and olso suggestion-supported) corruption idea that never gonna happen but still will be fun to share!
    And no aseprite installed in my desktop(worry not! I bought the aseprite on steam but it is not installed on my desktop yet!) so bear with me when it comes to those white backgrounds.

    So, let us start with corruption:

    corruptor.png arch corruptor.png grand corruptor.png
    First of all; corruptor(at pre-hard mode), arch corruptor(at hard mode) and new grand corruptor(at post-ml):
    As you know, eater of souls renamed to corruptor and corruptor renamed to arch corruptor but nevermind that; these aerial spreaders of corruption now can spread the corruption and eat you ali-I mean can olso fight you if you dare stand in the corruption's way(well it doesn't matter because you all will try to clean the corruption and so even I).
    Grand corruptor is the newest addition to spreader rooster and it's a post-moonlord challenge that lives in and spreads the corruption.

    rottworm.png arch rottworm.png
    grand rottworm.png
    Now the worms; rottworm(pre-hard mode), arch rottworm(hard mode) and grand rottworm(post-ml):
    As you guessed it, devourer as rottworm, world feeder as arch rottworm and a new dad version of arch rottworm appears after moonlord bites the dust. Both arch & grand rothworm can bend the cursefire(renewed cursed fire btw). Just watch your steps for these ones.

    rottborn.png leapling.png floaty hideous.png rottstallion.png
    These ones; special thanks to darkrown for corruption and crimson arternatives for everthing idea and rottstallion also equalivent of thorium mod's the starved enemy.

    festrider.png festcharger.png aerial rottsniper.png corrupt snow bouncer.png corrupt unstable ice anomaly.png
    Thorium mod's the innocent and the charger and that one got adapted and renamed along with corruptable snow bouncer and unstable ice anomaly.

    corrupt blizzard nimbus.png
    Spirit mod compability; if water is corruptable that means also it's solid and gas form are corruptable too.

    corrupt lesser cactoid.png corrupt cactoid.png corrupt cactuar.png
    Joost mod compability all tho owner of that mod which is Joost; already made these but calamity adaptations made by me.

    corrupt ice clasper.png
    Calamity mod compability: ice clapser just got affected.

    corrupt zombie.png corrupt mummified zombie.png shadow mummy.png
    While I was inactive here tho, I've also finished the zombies, made them with pvz2 aesthetics. Those are corrupt zombie & mummy and shadow mummy.

    corrupt ice crystal golem.png corrupt iced slime.png spiked corrupt iced slime.png corrupt thundery nimbus.png ebon tumbleweed.png ebonsnatcher.png dragon ebonsnatcher.png corruslime.png mini corruslime.png flying mini corruslime.png shadow corruslime.png mini shadow corruslime.png flying mini shadow corruslime.png
    Vanilla terraria mobs along side with console content and yes, jungle can't be corrupted and those 2 are can't spawn in jungle and ice golem now shares granite golem's anatomy.

    corrupt creeper.png corrupt evocreeper.png
    Creepers; since the Notch imagines them as gunpowdery mossy beings; they can be corrupted. Evocreeper is is renamed mutant creeper can only be encountered after the moonlord's defeat.

    corrupt fruzzbite.png ebony tree ent.png
    Dragonith's my version terraria adapted and resprited fruzzbite and near to that, there's an ebony tree(or ebonwood tree) ent.

    corrupt frost mephit.png cursefire mephit.png
    Corrupt heat mephits, great D&D threats that can easily annoy you.

    ebonian blight slime.png ebonian slime.png ebonian flier slime.png
    Calamity stuff except ebonian blight slime's outline is fixed and other two can olso spawn freely too.

    vascular.png dank vascular.png
    Corruption creepers that renamed as vasculars, only hive mind can spawn these.

    corrupt rain nimbus.png ebonsand dusty nimbus.png
    Bry, my man, your suggestion is too awesome enough to qualified to this super-suggestion.

    ebonsand mimic.png ebon scuttler.png
    Corenalty's cactus mimic and Darkrown's scuttler just got infected.

    corrupt bones.png
    This one is not done yet, as you know, CTP is in WIP. So their skeleton rewamps are not finished.

    rottsnatcher.png corruption mimic.png
    Rottsnatcher is a rename of clinger and cursed mimic now looks even cooler.

    rotted crawler.png cursefire flier.png
    Darkrown's underground corruption alternates; you know the second one is alternative to ichor sticker or damned sticker.

    cursed hammer.png shadow hammer.png
    Thorium mod and Bry compability to my suggestion but their resprite is pending.

    ebonstone golem.png ebonstone geoprobe.png ebonstone geonach.png
    Ebonstone golem, geoprobe and geonash. Geonash first appeared in a cool minecraft mod.

    corrupt pigron.png cursefire desert spirit.png vile ghoul.png
    Pigron is now less cartoony but more dragoony, and corrupt variants of desert spirit(yes, regular one is now pure), ghoul.

    rott bat.png corrupt ice bat.png
    Rottbat and corrupt ice bat, basic but realistic.

    corruption elemental.png corrupt ice elemental.png
    Corruption elemental and corrupt frost elemental, one is bends cursefire other bends it's polar opposite.

    corrupt snowy boulder mimic.png ebonstone boulder mimic.png
    Thorium mod compability with thorium mod as you guessed those.

    eboncavern crawler.png
    Vladimier's resprite and spirit mod's enemy just got corrupted dude.

    corrupt jengu.png corrupt water elemental.png
    Jengu(minecraft modded mob) and water elemental just got corrupted.

    corrupt water mephit.png rottcrab.png rotted feeder.png rottedskin shark.png rotteye jellyfish.png
    Water mephit just got corrupted along with corruption sea creatures(that includes blood feeder's corruption alt).

    corrupt piranha.png corrupt pufferfish.png corrupt electric eel.png corrupt cuttlefish.png corrupt octopus.png
    Calamity compability reeks out with corrupt cuttlefish. Piranhas are resprited and Derpo's octopus resprited and then CTP corruption adapted.

    cursefire dragon.png cursefire wyvern.png
    They're fused with cursefire and best of all; they're neutral. Meaning that, they're tamable.

    eater of world(boss).png
    Boss time, only eater of worlds and the hive mind has scales because only they're drop scales in game upon death.

    servant of ocram(normal - spiked).png ocram(boss).png
    Special thanks to Bry-Centric for making ocram useful again but I'll resprite it later on. Even if I used Gratga's ocram sprite as template. But special thanks to the these 2 anyways.

    Adding 12 corrupt critters for blood moon.
    Adding more unique enemies.
    Adding post-ml corruption core boss to stopping spead of corruption entirely.

    Leveling system.
    Hardcore mode replacements; 10 & 5 daily lives harder challenge survival modes.

    Now it's realistic and challenging corruption is here to greet you. Crimson will be after the corruption gets finished.

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  2. kerembarsbey

    kerembarsbey Official Terrarian

    Reserved and all of the credits were given.
  3. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Giving credit is nice, but did you also ask and obtain permission from these people first? That is required.
  4. kerembarsbey

    kerembarsbey Official Terrarian

    This is not kinds of an regular suggestion. As I stated this idea is impossible to be implemented or neither to be used. And as I stated do NOT own all of the sprites. But I've also edited each every single one of them.
    So Tunnel King; reason why I posted this is sharing my impossible idea's toughts and opinions. Even I'm not gonna allow this idea coming to reality. I will never gonna do plagurize any of their stuff so this is why I credited them.
    I know the term of plagurism's meaning & the consequences after you do that. Believe to me, I had no bad will to post this. I just want opinions to my never-will-be-happenin' idea.
    So I hope I'm not done anything bad against their work, their efforts and their taken times. Even if that offended them; then I'm sorry. I gave my best answer to your quenstion.
    So please, I want everyone's opinions. And I'll promise if I made something wrong then forgive me.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019 at 3:12 PM
  5. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    You didn't answer my question.

    Did you get permission from all of these people, or not? Whatever your intentions are, and whether you made minor modifcations, that is required if this is not your content.
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  6. kerembarsbey

    kerembarsbey Official Terrarian

    Sadly no but I will ask them nicely if it required to. I wanted to share this impossible idea but just don't delete or neither lock this thread. But the other answer was for my innocense. But still... sorry if I made you busy and confused. At least I'm honest.

    But hope they will understand my good wills.
  7. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Then you need to remove content that isn't yours UNTIL you get that permission to use it.
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  8. kerembarsbey

    kerembarsbey Official Terrarian

    Just give me 3 days(for private messages to mod creators and suggestion creators), when i'm done getting permissions; i will tell you but if fail; I'll remove them entirely.

    Except Darkcrown(because he's very inactive but others I'm on it.)
  9. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It does not matter if they are inactive. If it isn't your work, then you can't use it without permission here.

    I am going to lock this in the meantime. You can communicate to me via PM regarding your progress on getting permissions.

    And in the future, please get the permission first.
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