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PC What is everybody's favourite type of wood in Terraria?

Favourite Wood

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Samantha Vosh

I used to love the jungle for giving a lot of wood without needing to reseed it. With the new kinds of woods I find the Borealis wood quite appealing. Although I'm still sad over the fact I need to raid normal forests for making living wood trees.


It just looks so damn nice.
Its a shame it only grows in a biome I dislike the music for.
Wouldn't a poll be a good idea? There isn't that many wood types, so a poll seems like a viable idea.
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Official Terrarian
A verrrrrry close toss-up between Dynasty and Boreal...

All of my buildings above ground are made out of one or the two, with Stone Slab basements


Dynasty and boreal for me! Even though I've been playing around with other wood types and I'm also really starting to like pearl wood too.

Kyouko Tsukino

Guess I'll be That Guy. I'm used to it.

The only advantage I see in wood is that it's easy to obtain compared to ore bricks. But I prefer snow for building, mainly because wood tends to have a different than normal hue when painted.

So, no favorites here, they're all good to craft torches.


Skeletron Prime
All seem pretty good, but I'll probably have to go with Elijah Wood. Best looking building material by far.

Aside from that I would say with Spooky Wood (yay for summoners!).


Empress of Light
I love the way spooky wood looks! What I like the most is how it can blend in with many blocks. Take for example, dirt. When I put spooky wood on dirt, it blends perfectly together.


mourning wood
I don't know about anybody else, but I really love the colour of the regular Oak wood. I prefer other woods painted brown, though, and I think brown Ebonwood has become a favourite of mine, especially for the backgrounds of rooms and buildings. So, Ebonwood.


Eye of Cthulhu
I love mah Shadewood. Good color as it is, but paint it brown and combine it with gray painted Pink Brick and you have a winning combination for building!


Staff member
I love both Palm and Boreal Wood, but I guess my favorite would be Palm, it's beautifully themed.


Rich mahogany, too bad it doesn't fit with anything at all.
So i'll have to go with boreal/normal.
The other ones are plain bad.
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