What is one of the rarest things that have ever happened to you in terraria?


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Just curious, my bro managed to get the slime staff from his first slime in his summoner world, and I managed to find an alter randomly after stating a world. So what’s yours?
Well... actually, I have two.
First: Finding three Gelatin Crystals right next to each other.
Second: Getting a Paladin's Hammer and a Paladin's Shield from the same Paladin/
honestly, i have no idea... i have a lot of items that seem to have a nearly non-existent drop rate, so...?

but back in the old gen console version... i think while exploring some corruption, i found a chest that... for some reason... had the dragon set's helmet in it.

so... i was basically indestructible until hard mode came along.
Ok this is in my 3ds I consider this rare cause I think this was my first drop from the frost moon on my7th try maybe
So I was setting up an ark farm, summoned the frost moon, and the first ever scream that died dropped the weapon I needed, the pine needle mana thingy I forgot it’s name, I was completely happy, but mad at how I had waited so long for the weapon
I've explored about ten pyramids through world searching and I haven't gotten the vanity set yet.
Also got the slime staff many times on the mobile version. It was like they were common.
In my current character and world, second or third tree I chopped down dropped Eucalyptus Sap.
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