What is the best bullet type pre-plantera?

What bullets should I use?

  • Crystal

  • Cursed

  • High velocity

  • Exploding

  • Other?

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I have a world with my friend and I want to know what bullets I should use against all the mechanical bosses, and just for general purposes. I already have the Daedalus Stormbow with holy arrows, but I want a second weapon so I can kill enemies underground, and also above ground. (just in case) I have an uzi and the onyx blaster - which will do for now - but am not sure which bullets I should use. What do you guys think?

Just a mimic

The Destroyer
Use the dedalous to kill the destroyer and get megashark. Whit the megashark use crystal bullets. Outside of bossfights use the endless musket pouch so u can save ammo for boss fights


Official Terrarian
Crystal bullets are the best for bossing, whereas exploding bullets are better for crowd control/events. High-velocity bullets are pretty great too, and you should probably use an endless musket pouch for anything but bosses or events though. Don't use cursed bullets, you're better off farming ichor in an artificial crimson biome and then crafting ichor arrows to apply the debuff rather than as the main ammo for damage-dealing.
Crystal Bullets are good. They are great for bosses that chase you as they run into the shrapnel, but do pretty mediocre against enemies. Use them for Skeletron Prime and the Twins.

Exploding Bullets are great for CC considering you’re not near the enemy. High knockback and AoE allows them to function well for invasion events and Destroyer.

For basic exploring, I recommend just the endless musket pouch. You don’t need fancy ammo outside of combat, and it’s better not to use up the resources.

Ichor is better applied as a secondary debuff, so I’d use it on whichever the two types of weapons you aren’t using. In your case, you could craft a cheap repeater as a secondary weapon and make ichor arrows, then use a gun with better bullets as your main weapon.

J Bame

High Velocity has great piercing, Crystal has great single target damage, so the best option is to swap between the two.
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