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What is the craziest thing you've ever done in Terraria?


Well, the crimson was nearing my base too much and I had already spent quite a bit of money on green solution, because I don't like the hallow.
And, to be free from this annoyance, I purchased a big lot of Freedom IV and fired my Democracy Launcher till everything smelled like fresh napalm in the morning and all the oil was gone. The result was a nice (more or less) floating island village which didn't have that annoyance called Wyverns.
Then I noticed the said result wasn't actually nice, so I looted the chests in that world and put the contents in another one, then freed the remaining buildings and deleted the world. 'Cause it needed extra liberty.


Official Terrarian
Drink a battle potions and standing near a placed water candle while holding one in a blood moon.


The Destroyer
A friend and I actually completely emptied out Hell, except for the lava. Once I get the Bottomless Bucket of Water, I plan on fixing that.

BTW, I have the world backed up, if anyone wants it.


Staff member
If battling Expert Fishron with Pre-Plantera gear then winning counts then that's one crazy thing.

The craziest thing I'm about to do though is probably going to be building a water arena designed specifically to fight the Moon Lord with my Cute Fishron partner.


Official Terrarian
Oh, I remember something else. I tried to catch a floating island using the Gravitation Potion in pre-hardmode. I didn't have feathers for the Featherfall Potion and I wanted to try with flying and grappling it with a hook. I did it the first time, but at the second time my character turned into a pile of flesh, because the hook wasn't fast enough.


I excavated every block in a small world, and all liquids except 10-16 layers of lava I left purposefully to remove fallen items and Illuminate hell.

Worth It!


Official Terrarian
Generate a new world. Look for chests in the surface. Fall. Survive with 1hp. Get an achievement.
My first minutes with 1.3.
Also, I did a 1.2 playthrough with a friend. Killed the WoF with an overly short hellbridge and no more than 220 max life.
Also, thanks to lagging, we accidentaly flooded some of the underworld while making a hellevator. :D (And the water didn't evaporate)
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The Destroyer
Trying to casually take on the Stardust Pillar.
Never again will I challenge a pillar casually, especially the hardest one, Stardust.
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