What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

I also found this o_O
2 months ago
+Daniel frank explore? Minecraft have it all, , NPC Villargers, Villargers, Killing Monsters
Mining and finding Diamonds,
Dungeon, not so much, but okay
Terraria: It's adventures, 99 mobs +, Copying Minecraft adventures, release in 2011 instead of 2009, and it's way sucks
Only Terraria fans who said that come out at 2009, n00bs
Man, this thread will never get old. (That's not a quote. It's not one of the dumbest things I've said/heard)
"Terraria is 2D Minecraft!"
Terraria vs. Minecraft will probably be one of the biggest video game flame wars in history.

On Topic: "Teaming is for noobs!" Okay, first off, there is nothing wrong with teaming. Sure, it annoying to be teamed on, but it is also a great strategy to team. Think about it; what do people do in the hunger games to win? They make alliances. Teaming isn't cheating or being a "noob", it's using strategy. It's how you win.
Something along these lines... "The accesories are not OP themselves.A non-OP accesory + a non-OP accesory will ALWAYS make a non-OP accesory.
Why are convenient store goods overpriced?

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Rather than hearing "terrrarar is 2d minkraftz", one of my friends instead said that Terraria looked like Indiana Jones.
I found 0 correlation between the two besides the presence of boulders lol..
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