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What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

Kyouko Tsukino

"Car/traffic accident."

Really, there are no accidents in traffic. They're incidental, not accidental, they're always caused by human error, in one or more ways, and thus can be avoided (which is the opposite to what the world "accident" means.)

And the times someone calls "car accident" to a dude who was too busy texting to watch and run over some guy who was too busy listening to music on his cell to look both ways before crossing, I can't help but laugh. Not at the deaths that happened, but at the habit of using such misnomer to describe something that could be easily avoided with but a sliver of common sense from either, or both, parts involved.

I've been driving and walking around the city for decades, and only twice did I get into an accident - once when I was a teen and, frankly, should have paid attention to what I was doing, and another time when I did not think a moron would be riding a motorcycle through a one-way street in the opposite direction than he should have. Fortunately, neither 'accident' was crippling, but still, I learnt the lesson, and I've kept myself from getting involved into more of such "accidents" simply by actually paying attention to my surroundings, and using a formula one of my friends taught me: Thinking that, out there in the streets, everyone's out to either run you over, or get in the path of your car. No exceptions.
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