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What is the eaisest Celestial Tower?

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by BaconOverLrd, Jul 31, 2015.


Which Was The First Pillar You Killed?

  1. Solar Pillar

  2. Vortex Pillar

  3. Stardust Pillar

  4. Nebula Pillar

  1. BaconOverLrd

    BaconOverLrd Terrarian

    I just defeated the Insane Cultist and I want to know which Celestial Tower is the easiest to beat.
    I would like to know what kind of weapons should I use for the different towers and if I should focus on attack or defense.
    im going to put a list of important things here for anyone who wants to know.

    My best weapons for each category:
    Melee- Influx Waver
    Magic- Razorblade Typhoon
    Ranged- Megashark
    Summon- Xeno Staff
    Armor- Beetle Defense Set
    Full Health And Mana
    Crimson World
    Low Access To Money
    I Have Cosmic Car Key

    I also want to know how difficult the pillars should be for me if I get good weapons and items.
    Thanks in advance! :merchantwink:
  2. Nev

    Nev Terrarian

    Vortex, by a pretty large margin. The enemies don't have much health, they don't do that much damage, and they keep spawning in large numbers which means it's over faster than the others.

    If you're playing as melee, Flairon is an excellent choice for any pillar until you can craft the Solar Eruption. You should also use all relevant buffs. Surprisingly many neglect these.
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  3. Ezel

    Ezel Brain of Cthulhu

    I found Stardust Pillar being the easiest. Most enemies aren't as fast and a Daybreak/Solar Eruption. Homing weapons are also good.

    Good Mage weapons (like the Razorblade) with the Spectre Hood will regenerate you.
  4. PulseFox

    PulseFox Spazmatism

    Vortex is easiest for me, and since you have razorblade, the stardust pillar wont be too much of a problem either. star cells will go extinct due its homing and projectile size. but you can put away the megashark, your way better off with the other weps.
  5. ironcommando

    ironcommando Terrarian

    Either Vortex or Stardust. Vortex Pillar's enemies can't hit through walls, and althought it now spawns hornets on top of/near you, the spawning can be avoided by not being too near while still in the zone.
    Stardust in the meantime have enemies that get wrecked by the Solar Eruption, plus if one holes themselves in the only enemies to worry about are Milkyway Weavers since Star Cells (the other enemy that wallhacks) are slow/die from S.Eruption.
  6. Juno Brier

    Juno Brier Eye of Cthulhu

    Don't forget that the Flow Invaders launch projectiles on death, and if you're not paying attention it can be pretty dangerous.
    Nev likes this.
  7. ironcommando

    ironcommando Terrarian

    Yep, I know they launch projectiles on death (found that annoying to the point where I had to wall myself in). Walling yourself in and using the Solar Eruption blocks them (and Stargazers and Twinkle Poppers) out, leaving only Milkyway Weavers as the most threatening enemy (and they're still easy to beat).
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  8. Bluuu

    Bluuu Terrarian

    Vortex is easiest for me, I just bring out the Razorblade typhoon and dodge like hell.
  9. WilliamD

    WilliamD Terrarian

    Stardust.Flow invaders,sure do a lot of damage,but it's not like you get hit by all three.You can easily farm the Stardust Cells,none of the enemies have that much health, (except for pillar lel XD)and vortex pillar has that,"disorted"debuff which can be a pain in the butt.Finally,Stardust enemies have not that high attack damage.(At least,for some)
  10. Soma Cruz

    Soma Cruz Terrarian

    Stardust, no contest. It is the only pillar where you can rack up 100+ kills without taking damage, standing still, with pretty much any mid-ranged weapon. Heck, a spear probably works too. It's also ridiculously fast.

    Find the edge of the area. Just beyond it, dig a small valley. Build a row of platforms over the valley. Go into the pillar zone and back out when monsters spawn. If there's a Stardust Cell, kill everything else, otherwise kill everything and rinse and repeat until you have a Stardust Cell. Drop into your valley, and you're safe, since once the cell is out in the open it can no longer move through platforms. Kill the big cell, it'll split into 4. Wait a few seconds and the cells will grow. Kill them again. By now you've hit the cap and they'll only split into 2, but you should have 10+ cells. Stand there and kill them repeatedly while they're stuck. Once the beams stop, rush past them and kill the pillar. The cells will keep the mob limit filled, so you won't see any of the nasty spawns while you're killing the pillar.
  11. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    Solar pillar is easiest for me :P
  12. Bahamut2001

    Bahamut2001 Steampunker

    Solar pillar is the bane of my existence. (I'm looking at you Crawltipede!)

    The easiest for me was Stardust, Razorblade Typhoon slaughters everything.
  13. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    I thought the solar pillar was the easiest. I always go for it first so I can take my time with the harder ones like vortex.
  14. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    So, for which question is the poll for?
    What is the eaisest [sic] Celestial Tower? or Which Was The First Pillar You Killed?

    The easiest for me is vortex. Dunno which is the first one I destroyed and it doesn't really matter. It was the one I first ran into.
  15. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Mechanic

    For me, it's the corites that are the bane of my existence. Eff those things.

    As for which pillar I found to be easiest, definitely Vortex. The gravity-beam is annoying, yes, but Vortex enemies are TERRIBLE at capitalizing on it. Most of the time, it's actually BENEFICIAL for me. I get free infinite hovering left and right to shoot everything like a maniac. How this is supposed to be a debuff is beyond me.

    Stardust is slightly more annoying because of Flow Invaders. Since I tend to bring a gun to these things, Flow Invaders tend to die while off-screen and suddenly I have these super-fast projectiles flying at me from out of nowhere. Stardust Pillar isn't HARD, but it's a little harder than Vortex just because of that. lol
    XTQuakeX likes this.
  16. kilozombie

    kilozombie Terrarian

    Solar was the easiest the first time around with Spectre Armor. So long as I wasn't flying I could tank all the damage.

    Now it's a little harder using Nebula Armor (no infinite regen from Crawltipedes) so I'd have to say Stardust.
  17. Juno Brier

    Juno Brier Eye of Cthulhu

    I think we can all agree everyone hates dealing with Nebula.
    Homing projectiles that go through walls and can't be destroyed.
    Laluzi, Bahamut2001 and kilozombie like this.
  18. PulseFox

    PulseFox Spazmatism

    Nebula is a little annoying, but i dont have to much trouble with it. the projectiles are slower than most wings and mounts. so i dont have troubles dodging them.
  19. BaconOverLrd

    BaconOverLrd Terrarian

    thanks for the help, and honestly I don't get why people keep saying the Solar Pillar is the easiest, after prep. it was the only one I died to, to be honest the Vortex Pillar was by far the easiest, if it wasn't for the gravity debuff I would have thought I was fighting normal mode EoC XD
    btw I killed them all and barely lost to Moon Lord (im in expert mode, I just forgot to cheese XD)
  20. Matuse

    Matuse Terrarian

    For me, it goes Stardust -> Vortex -> Tie Nebula/Solar. Solar is just incredibly frustrating with the limited mobility and the Srollers who zoom up on you through terrain and reflect damage back at you. Nebula has those infernal floaters, who are snipers with that laser attack.