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What is the first game you ever played?


Eater of Worlds
Probably an N64 game like sm64, Conker's bad fur day, or loz ocarina of time. Good memories of greasy pepperoni pizza, sprite, and playing n64 games with my family.


Official Terrarian
My first game was either Super Mario Bros or Super Mario Brothers 3, I can't quite remember as I don't own an NES anymore.


First game i ever played was Dogz 5... it's a terrible game but i still love it.
Also you can make weird messed up hybrids through the power of modded pets and the game's weird system when it came to mixed breeds...
I've made some strange creatures on there...


I hesitate between Chicken Invaders 2 and some other game the name of which I don't remember. The latter was about a chicken-man who went through labyrinths and used bombs to blow up walls and monsters.


First memory of video games that I remember clearly is playing Crash Bandicoot on the PS1 during our free period in pre-school.

Going back before that, after sifting through some fog, I can vaguely remember watching other people play Super Mario World, Starfox 64, and Super Rampage.


Brain of Cthulhu
Sonic Heroes. Xbox
I remember every time I went to see my relatives in Austin I would rush past my aunts and uncles, dash up the stairs or down the basement (depending on where it was) and play Sonic Heroes. It's the first game I recall playing.
Coincidentally, the first game I played on a handheld was Sonic Rush! (Nintendo DS)
So yeah, I've kinda been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan since.


Skeletron Prime
Super Metroid, on an actual SNES :). Let's just say that having that be my first game set the bar very high for all metroidvanias I'd play in the future.
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