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What is the Goriest game you have ever played?

Mug the Mimic

The Destroyer
Half life. Despite the age of it you'd be suprised with how much gore it has, maybe it's just me but I spend time making sure every single last corpse in the area is turned into tomato soup.

The god of memes

Eye of Cthulhu
Gory games are everywhere, but which is the goriest? Many just have a lot of blood, some have many giblets, *cough*Terraria*cough* and some are just absolutely gruesome! I want to know what REALLY gory games you have played. No pictures please, but if you want to link us to a YT vid that shows us the games gore, then by all means do it.

My two games that are really gory are Wolverine X-Men Origins for the Xbox360 And The Punisher for the PS2.

Moor Oakheart

I have played Dead Space and Dead Space 2! I can agree that they is gory, and I have also played L4D2 but i'm not sure I agree that it is gory. idk about that last one there.
Well, there are bloods and limbs in Left 4 Dead 2, which is the definition of gore, right? As for Total War Shogun 2, since the game involved samurai, rifleman, and cannon, you can see many bloods, heads got chopped, and limbs blown off in the fight.


Probably Terraria honestly but I did play like 1 minute of a Gba doom game when I was messing around with mobile emulators I think I might of also play a mortal combat game like 4 years ago not sure which one tho

@someone that needs help
In super Mario world Mario mass chucks child turtles into lava and then blows up there dead body's


Definitely one of the games in the Fallout franchise. Being able to dismember limbs from corpses is about the goriest I've seen in games I've played, and even then I frequently question why it's necessary since chopping off legs and causing heads to explode with any firearm short of a point blank shotgun blast or sustained shredding from minigun fire just doesn't make sense to me.

EDIT: Of course, I suppose Terraria is inherently pretty far up the ladder considering killing enemies results in them turning into a bloody mess, plus there's an entire biome centered around blood and gore, but I have the gore filter turned on and I've been desensitised to the horrors of the Crimson.
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