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What is the hardest fight that you’ve ever fought?

Bonus Poll: which is harder to survive (no cheese)?

  • Wave 20 of the Frost Moon

    Votes: 26 39.4%
  • The Dungeon Guardian

    Votes: 30 45.5%

    Votes: 10 15.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Skeletron Prime
It's either frost moon (I never reached wave 20), nebula pillar (I die the most when fighting it) or moon lord (I still need all the buffs and being careful, else I die).


Official Terrarian
The Solar Pillar on PC and Ocram on mobile. Crawltipedes are quite literally ruthless when you so much as jump and those lasers in Oc's second form are just unavoidable death.


Brain of Cthulhu
Well, fighting Solar Pillars isn't that bad, but you know what's the worst?

...when they spawn on huge trees.
Yeah, definitely not lucky.


Right after defeating destroyer, I went down to underworld in my trusty ranger cobalt armor and got confronted by a red devil. After about 2 minutes avoiding the tridents, I finally got killed by a hellbat.


Staff member
Expert Skeletron is pretty high up there. It took about 5-6 tries until I beat it the 1st time and even in new playthroughs it still takes a few tries before I can defeat it also requiring to get Molten Tier Armor in order to stand a chance.

Another one is the Lunar Pillars in whole. It is still challenging even with endgame gear and the 1st time on Normal Mode I fought it, I died many times. Not to mention the Moon Lord that follows it which is a difficult fight in itself.

But the hardest fight for me personally was either doing the Pumpkin/Frost Moon without Duke Fishron or Endgame 1.3 Gear or the Mech Bosses in 1.1.
I couldn't get past Wave 4 on my own without Fishron Gear back in the early days of 1.2.2. Whether it was because I had an improper arena or didn't have a good strategy, I'm not sure. And even when I got Fishron Gear I could make it to Wave 10-13 in both the Pumpkin/Frost Moons, but still couldn't clear wave 15 until I got Lunar/Moon Lord Tier gear in 1.3.

I never defeated the Mech Bosses legitimately back in 1.1. Very likely because I wasn't nearly as experienced as I am now only having 100-200 hours of gameplay compared to 1000+ now. They aren't as difficult now even in Expert Mode, but that is likely because there is greater equipment variety to choose from compared to 1.1 allowing you to get a better style for your own tastes.

Mille Marteaux

The Destroyer
expert brain of chalupa was pretty bad.

however, the frost moon in general has a special place in my heart as an interesting flavor of hell while alone. we don't talk about reindeer bells around here.


Ha ha mine was the first time fighting Eye of Cthulu on Vita. Found the controls a bit hard to get used to. Fair enough that was couple years ago now;)


Skeletron Prime
for me
planters with gungir, hallowed chest, adamantite helmet and mythril greaves
no potions or arena and only lightning boots and cross necklace
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