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What is the hardest fight that you’ve ever fought?

Bonus Poll: which is harder to survive (no cheese)?

  • Wave 20 of the Frost Moon

    Votes: 26 39.4%
  • The Dungeon Guardian

    Votes: 30 45.5%

    Votes: 10 15.2%

  • Total voters
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First fight against skeletron prime (I thought it was impossible at the time) and first fight against fishron, first fight with moon lord wasn't as terrifying because had an idea of what I was against, but I still shat myself when my frames dropped and I was getting sliced in half by a laser...


I only play expert mode, so most bosses were initially pretty rough as I hadn't spoiled myself their new special features. I'm going to have to say Duke Fishtron, though. While I initially struggled against The Twins and Moon Lord, neither of them forced me to grind a million zillion Crimson critters for hours to get myself some vampire knives.


Moon Lord at all is hellish.

Though, the hardest challenge I've imposed on myself with a boss would be killing Duke Fishron without any armor or potions.


Ironically, I think the hardest fight I had in this game was the Destroyer in 1.1, first playthrough. FIRST, my problem was not having good enough defense, even though I had full mythril armor (hey, I said this was my first playthrough). After getting full adamantite armor, my NEXT problem was learning how to properly dodge. You know how the Destroyer is actually pretty easy as long as you avoid touching it? Yeah, I didn't really do that part so well. And then the LAST problem was actually beating the thing in a single night. Yeah. I couldn't even do enough damage to it to beat it in one night. In retrospect I was probably focusing too much on killing the probes and I might have put the arena a little too high up for the Destroyer to reach it all the time, but for a while I could survive the fight, just not win. I didn't even have the same problems with the other mech bosses, just the Destroyer. I probably fought it like...at least 10 times before I actually beat it.


Moonlord in expert mode with Huanlin, Clayton, Jerimiah and czech. Very hard, but czech carried us all. And we got our portal guns ^^.


Official Terrarian
I'm yet to beat Skeletron on Expert. :dryadsad:
I ended up going with:
- Frog Leg
- Pink Horseshoe Balloon
- Lightning Boots
- Shield of Cthulhu
- Worm Scarf

If that helps, Don't under-estimate the power of jump height. :)

Back on topic, Hardest fight I've ever fought wouldn't be against a particular enemy. No, The hardest fight is digging numerous tunnels in order to try and stop the newly-spawned Corruption from destroying my Jungle. Note that the Clementinator isn't accessible yet, You're doing this all by hand. :(


Eye of Cthulhu
I agree. The first time I played through Terraria was on mobile. I beat the Destroyer easily. Then I play on the XBox. Easy. Finally I play on the 3DS I completely get destroyed. Took me like three times to beat him. Had to totally switch my play style and the class I used. I was at first melee, then I switched to ranger and stood on a floating island where we couldn't get me to so that I could beat him.


The hardest were the pillars.
1. i hate the worms that fly when you fight the solar pillar.
2. the shield make it SUPER hard
3. i dont know why pillars were harder than moonlord and all OTHER BOSSES!


3 actually.

Expert Skeletron with throwing class. Took me about 5-6 tries.

Expert EoW. :red:ING IMPOSSIBLE..

So my 3rd one is a story kind of.

So back in the days of 1.2. I fought the destroyer, I was using Clockwork rifle with Crystal Bullets, ranged orichalium armor and Harpy Wings. Was down so low while fighting I started flying away from him while shooting downwards. Laser shot me down to 1HP. Killed him, then a probe shot me and killed me, I did get the loot eventually though :)


Expert Mode Eye of Cthulhu caught me off gaurd when it released. Died a few times before I got the patterns down.


Empress of Light
Moon Lord after they buffed him to have spectre armor not really work. I was bad at ML to start with so this just ruined my day, I have not beaten him after that fix because of that. I thought he was cool before the fix, but after just made me despise him.
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